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    Attaching new bumper

    2005-2009 Mustang Bumpers | AmericanMuscle
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    Brand New 2016 Ruby Red --V6 Owner

    My nephew has a 2016 5.0 I really like. The big wide rear fenders and the body lines really make the paint flip. He installed a Roush exhaust system which sounds pretty mean.
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    1999 Mustang convertible seal

    Did you check with American Muscle, CJ pony Parts or Rock Auto?
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    Heater intermittently blows hot and cold

    You may want to see if your blend actuator is turning off and on.( It controls the the gate that lets in the heat in or out) You may hear a wood pecking type of sound coming from your dash board.
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    Brand New 2016 Ruby Red --V6 Owner

    I like the newer Mustangs. All the models look great from the baseline to the full blown Shelby's. Make every mile count and don't forget to smile when it starts up.
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    New toy

    never mind. no way to delete the post.
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    Time for a membership

    Keep us updated on your progress. I can't believe some the numbers members here are getting out of a v-6 but if you can why not?
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    3.8 fuel economy.

    I changed out all the fluids, engine, tranny and rear end and I could feel a big difference in the performance. My Mustang had been neglected so a tune up with new spark plugs, wires, coil pack and air and fuel filters were replaced. Today I changed out the wheel bearings on all fours. I felt...
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    Will buying a 2003 Mustang be good idea?

    Buying any Mustang you find is a good idea.
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    Some of the Mustangs I've had.
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    Interior Refreshing

    Little details like that make all the difference.
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    My car hobby passion...about 35 years long

    I had an interest in the auto hobby since I was a kid. So I drove 67' Galaxie w/428 4v to high school and another 14 years after that. I always wanted show cars so I started out with a 66' Impala SS,64'Impala SS ,a couple of nice 66'Chargers and ended up showing AMC's. I pretty much gave up...
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    Painting My Little Pony - Jade Sabre Green

    Your effort is paying off..looks great!
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    AC compressor wont turn on

    There should be an ac module on the 98GT had a bad module and cost about 90.00 from napa.They may be similar in circuitry. Also check the relay,it can still pick but have a dirty contact. I just checked Rock Auto and they run about 25.00 there for a module.
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    Hello everyone..

    Wow! That's a lot of miles. I'm jealous :)