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    How do you think you will die?

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    Official What did YOU just buy?

    Samsies on the glasses.
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    what are we driving now?

    These days... Me: 1999 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 Wife: 2016 Ford Fusion SE Eco-boost
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    Official 2017 College Football Thread

    I'm really excited to see BYU play this year WITHOUT BRONCO MENDENHALL GOOD LUCK UVA LOLOOLOLO!L!!L!!1!1!
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    TV Discussion Thread

    Stranger Things was fun. Loved the early 80s vibe and the kids were amazing. It wasn't perfect, but still highly recommended. American Odyssey was a great watch. Silicon Valley was amazing as well. Currently watching Penny Dreadful, Marco Polo, The Night Of and on X-Files Season 2.
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    Daily Discussion Thread

    WHAT IN THE **** LOL I haven't been here 4eva and I'm being talked about? Weirrrrdddddd <3 you all *kiss*
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    2016 Fantasy Football Keeper League

    Keeping Rivers for an 11th and Decker for a 9th Haven't been on this site since last years FF threads I's weird...+
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    Official 2015 College Football Thread

    Really would like to see Michigan/Stanford as a bowl game.
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    Official 2015 College Football Thread

    'Grats. I wish that losing these types of games would help usher out Bronco Mendenhall, but the mormonism is too strong with him...
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    Official What did YOU just buy?

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    Daily weird/funny news stories

    ****ing cable cutters. wait
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    Official 2015 College Football Thread

    The worst football game of the season might just be BYU @ Mizzou
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    Official NFL Thread

    We did look pretty decent on offense this week but our defense is just lost. Not that we don't have talent on D, but we have no direction out there. THANKS LOVIE
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    The Walking Dead *potential spoilers inside*

    That's party why I love it. It's a fresh take on the zombies thing with comic relief mixed in. I can't take every show I watch too seriously.
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    Official What did YOU just buy?

    Naw, that was nothing. The sternum was terrible and close to the nips. Took about 4.5 hours total time - 2 sessions.