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  • The CAI & Mufflers will give you for sure better response,mpg & cool sound. BUT I didn't know or forgot you had a automatic.What you have read & others told you about the shift points lacking Tuner will take care of that. The Suspension will not void the motor and you will not have that issue to worry about . I'm sure you read what happen to Ageless1 after 1000 miles.
    Great plan, Suspension will give you the most enjoyment and fun. You will get to feel the car in the seat of your pants. For my wife & I it's the best part of owning a Mustang for under a thousand bucks you can have a smoother & meaner handling car !
    I have a new Airaid Poweraid Throttle Body Spacer (11-14 V6) cost 129.99 used for 1 month sell for 100.00 has be to used with stock TB . check A. M
    If you have the cash after the CAI get the mufflers, Remember that unless you plan on racing for competition there is no need to pay all the big bucks for x pipes headers and the very high price axel backs, the Street Magna Flows like I said were 300.00 installed with your tips. You will not believe the gain in power and throttle response.
    I really would put off the Tune. See what you get with the CAI ,Mufflers & Spacer. Run 91 octane and trust me you won't believe the difference if you want send me a email I will send you my build list . I researched the hell out of my mods.
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