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    Snapping Sound (Engine Bay) 2003 3.8L

    I'd just make a video with your phone and upload it to youtube or something and let us have a listen...
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    sway bar bushings, ball joints?

    Yes, stock has about 1/4" of "slop"
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    Can parts off a 97 3.8 engine fit onto a 03 3.8?

    Maybe. Look on and see if the part numbers are the same for each year.
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    cam synchronizer/sensor

    Did they give you the exact trouble code that was showing? As far as I know, the cam sychronizer is only used during engine start to determine when piston #1 gets to TDC. Usually "random" misfiring and running bad is due to a bad coil pack. The stock one goes out like clockwork right at 200k miles.
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    V6 swap help

    You will probably have to get on ebay and search for a factory service manual for each car. The whole volume is 4 books, but sometimes you can find people selling the wiring diagram book separately for $30 or so. Or rather, you need to at least get one for the 98 cobra, as I have the whole set...
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    2000 mustang t5 swap

    I did the swap. I got an 00, can't remember the year of the T5, I think either 98 or 01.. But both were magnetic pickup. I had Justin at give me a tune to turn off all the stuff pertaining to automatic tranny, but I don't think speedo was an issue.
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    Differential Cover Gasket...Necesary? or just use sealer?

    I do half 75W90 and 75W140 and no you don't need an additive.
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    Brown contaminant in coolant

    Probably oil...
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    Can you weld the water inlet to the thermostat housing

    If you are going to take the lower intake off, might as well take it to a machine shop and see what they'd charge to get the bolt out. I'd assume it would be in the $20-$50 range. A used intake will probably be over $100... Lots of small bolts on the intake too, so get a small ratchet or torque...
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    Can you weld the water inlet to the thermostat housing

    Ouch. Best bet is to get an ez-out or bolt extractor. Start with a really small drill bit, like 3/32". You're drilling steel and the bit is also made of steel, so go slow. No more than 1000rpms. If the broken bolt is too jagged and the bit keeps "walking" on you, the next tip is to use a tiny...
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    Oil pressure gauge problems

    The gauge on most cars is a "dummy" gauge. It connects to a pressure switch that is either on or off, and thus the gauge either reads nothing or reads halfway. If the pressure switch is indeed opening and closing randomly, you are either really low on oil or the pump is going bad. Wire a...
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    Antitheft no start

    I'm pretty sure you're looking at $200+ for a dealer to reset your keys? I'd just get the sct tuner from VMP for $400 and have pats disabled: SCT Tuning devices - Pre-loaded with a tune or device only
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    Can You 'T', OR 'Y' A Vacuum Line?

    As long as nothing leaks then you're good :thumbup:
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    V6 throttle issue

    The IAC valve on these 3.8's normal slowly fall back to idle. Yes annoying... Only way to change it is to get an ECM tuner. However if it takes an abnormally long time to fall back to idle or hangs often around 2k rpm... might be another issue. Mine would start randomly hanging at 2k rpm. I...
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    2004 v6 3.9 problem

    Could be fuel pump. Once it starts sputtering, give it a shot of starting fluid into the intake. If it revs right up and smooths out, you know you got a fuel delivery problem.