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    I think it was somewhere around 2010. Yeah, about a Decade ago :oops:
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    Wow, it's been a long time. Glad to see the site is still here. Every now and then I think back on it and wish I never left it behind.
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    The 3.8 Death Pool.

    Hi. It's true that I've turned down $50k plus offers. Not because I believe the site is worth more than that, but because I know it would have just become another shitty site full of those stupid in-line underlined text ads. As I'm sure you're all aware, I've sort of moved on from this site...
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    Any programs out there to clean out a Mac?

    Hmm, well I heard a crazy rumor that macs can run windows these days, so I guess maybe it was still relevant.
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    My house now has cell coverage, via AT&T Micro Cell [UPDATE: nationwide next month]

    Never? Perhaps you should get out more.
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    My house now has cell coverage, via AT&T Micro Cell [UPDATE: nationwide next month]

    Awesome. Our house is in desperate need of one. I'm so ready to jump ship for verizon if at&t isn't able to put this thing in my hands by the time the nexus one is available.
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    Snowboarding Gear etc. for cheap?

    Ski Lifts > Paddling
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    Mountain biking in town?

    Search for "trials"
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    The Apple iPad: $499

    well, I don't think it has a built in microphone, but you could easily use a headset. But all in all, I don't think there's any real way to use this as a skype phone. The inability to background apps means you'd have to leave the skype app open all the time in order to make or receive any...
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    Haiti relief donation gone wrong on Facebook - UPDATE post 53

    Q How many times can someone make a text donation via 90999? A Two or three times. AT&T and T-Mobile subscribers can donate three times. If you wish to donate more than $20 or $30, please visit or call 1-800-RED CROSS...
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    Ski, Snowboard and all things snowy thread

    Yeah, that sucked. I was planning on going up there last weekend. I'm gonna go ahead and give them a try on Saturday.
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    Official What did YOU just buy?

    New lens
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    Need Vbscript Help

    Starting with the basics, are you using IE?
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    PHP Help Please

    First, learn how to comment if you want to get useful help. Comments like //remove one from the quantity of the product with id $product_id $_SESSION['cart'][$product_id]--; aren't exactly helping me understand your code. Anyhow, how do you know it never enters that case? You're doing a...