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    Help pick our new logo

    I like #3 but dont like how the V is smaller then the 6 it looks weird. I really like #4 as an image not sure about a sticker but i think you should do outlines of new edges since alot of use have new edges =] just my .02
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    Oil weights

    Okay thanks guys all of this was very helpful! I will most likely run synthetic on the new motor when ever i finish it and swap it in lol
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    Oil weights

    Okay guys i decided to make a thread about this to expand my knowledge considering i know nothing bout how oil is weighted and what the differences are. So my frist question is how is the weight considered (what does it mean). The second question is what the difference between normal and...
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    The Insanity

    Im so excited for this its going to be amazing!
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    The Insanity

    I cant wait to hear the outcome what time frame are you looking at to actually do the race? Have you started your build yet?
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    Number Tew's Build Thread. (backstory with my first truck as well)

    haha joe dirt =P I love the sn95 sail panels.. tempting haha
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    December Meet Gents!

    I know i was being sarcastic haha
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    This Teenager Drove His Mustang Off A 200-Foot Cliff

    Holy crap! He lived?! Thats amazing!
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    December Meet Gents!

    Orlando Florida!?
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    Another one of those V8 guys.....

    Car looks awesome! Welcome to the forum =]
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    turbo 240 vs s197

    No i would like to think he makes more power.. id guess close to 300 but as stated before if he doesn't know how to drive it will be a down fall.. Plus you can never judge on videos everyone's car is different he might not have the same mods as the car you watched, or more mods. As well as the...
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    Wheel opinions

    Mother of god!! Love those wheels =]
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    Post em up (mileage)

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    Screen name to real name