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    Front Sway Bar 2000 Mustang

    he shouldn't have to buy extra. they, should come with grease from prothane.... but yes, ^^^ this guy is right... You don't need alot either. Just enough to put a thin coat on both the exterior surface and inner surface where sway bar rides.
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    Front Sway Bar 2000 Mustang

    get the Polyurethane sway bar bushings from Prothane. ( Summit Racing is where I got mine. ) You will notice as difference as if you actually upgraded the sway bar itself.
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    Comment by 'SixPackSurprise' in item 'SixPackSurprise Progress Documentation'

    Yes, I'm a firm believer in "Power is nothing without control". I'm working on getting the car itself ready to handle any amount of power over stock, before I actually start trying to put power down.
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    Front Sway Bar 2000 Mustang

    My car is a 97 with the stock 27mm sway bar. About 2 hours before seeing this today, I just installed Prothane Sway bar end links, and Prothane Sway bar bushings in the front and did UPR Tubular Lower control arms with poly bushings in the Rear. OMG what a difference. The ass end feels much more...
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    Removing top bellhousing bolts

    as long as they are high grade (10) bolts, you can get them from hardware store. just make sure they're the same thread pitch, length, etc... 2 days to get it out?! damn, were you drinking and partying the process? whole clutch job, should take a day if you're doing it at home in the driveway...
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    Comment by 'SixPackSurprise' in item 'Hector's 2000 3.8 garage'

    Just pull up your own garage like you would anyone elses. Right above where the comments begin, you should see your username, then 3 clickable links/options next to your name. One of them will say edit. I use that function to do it.
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    Comment by 'SixPackSurprise' in item 'Hector's 2000 3.8 garage'

    nice. I just recently started upgrading and repairing mine. check it out. I just updated it right before I saw your garage. i'm loving the way yours has turned out.
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    Ok, update time... In the last 2 weeks, I've gotten tired of the sloppyness and squeaking from the suspension so, I added/upgraded. Prothane Polyurethane Front lower control bushings, Prothane Sway Bar Endlinks, Prothane Front Sway bar bushings, BMR Rear lower Control Arms with poly bushings...
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    What Did You Do To Your 'Stang Today ?

    I installed some rear Lower Control Arms on my lunch hour at work. I have the uppers to, but just didn't have time to install them today. I'll do those this weekend.
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    Does everyone's V6 idle rough? Injectors?

    I have that same issue. been trying to trace it since I got my car. I'm thinking about getting a MSD or Accel Ignition Coil. Buddy of mine put one in his car and it cleared his right up.
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    Rear Control Arm Bushing Question

    These lasted you about a year? My upper and lower rears are shot. I have a set of these SR Performance arms on the way from American Muscle. I keep reading good reviews on them, but nothing about longevity. It they last me a year, I'll be happy considering the price. That gives me plenty of time...
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    Don't Cheap Out On These.

    yeah, for **** that keeps your wheels on the car, surely don't go cheap.
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    Added the cars first "go fast" goodie... The OE Intake tube was torn and filter was nasty, so I figured why not..
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    Offiicial What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW

    Wisconsin Death Trip - Static X
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    Post a Photo of YOUR Mustang as it sits, GO!

    ^^ NOT a fan of that wing/spoiler, but I'm liking the rest of the car....