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    I dn how it happened. I had some help from a member and it jut turned out that way. I'd like to get a new pic and it be normal like everyone elses but cardomain wont let you use their urls.
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    What do you think looks better on 94-98 models: turndowns or do you like the dual exhaust pipes?
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    so you dont really need the tips or the rest of the tubing after it goes over the rear axel?
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    Hey Ive read through a lot of the bolt on threads and forums and can't find anything about turndown exhaust. Anyone know where to find them or if they recommend them? Im looking at a catback off for my 98 but was curious about just buying some turndowns. or (sorry if this is...
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    Whats your cardomain page?

    Mine is:
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    Kansas Anyone

    Im from Topeka so not to far from Olathe...I have a cardomain my names Smylesten again there too.
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    Hey, I am going through here and the internet reading all the forums and posts about superchargers and what all is needed. What all is needed at the least to function a superchager on a v6 and what at the most should someone do and what would the total costs be? At first I wanted a v8 but I...
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    Z28, or Cobra?

    I would go with a Cobra. One, because nothings better than a Mustang! But really seems like z28's are no good after 100K miles because everyone rides them so hard. Stick with Ford, stick with a Stang.