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    Pics of my GT

    Havent posted on here since i had my 95 gt and thats been ages ago. Thought id share some pics on the current ride.
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    Post one newer pic of your ride

    thanks, heres some more
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    Took some new photos today.

    Some updated photos, enjoy :thumbup:
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    Want $50? LOGO CONTEST -!!!

    kinda simple...
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    The new hood is on....

    thanks, its a silver "etched glass" color
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    The new hood is on....

    nope its not his hood, i picked up this hood here locally.
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    The new hood is on....

    thanks, the wheels are DD 18' inch 10th anniversary cobra wheels.
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    The new hood is on....

    finally got a hood put on the car, heres some updated shots.
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    Driveway shots - My car & 94 cobra

    nice looking cars, im friends and use to work with the guy he bought that 94 cobra from here in chattanooga, its a nice car for sure. Doesnt look like hes changed much on it.
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    Got tired of the chrome, back too black

    i will never step back down to 17s, the day they make 18 inch dd cobras then i may consider them again. Thanks for the comments.
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    Got tired of the chrome, back too black

    The saleens were nice and rare, but i missed having black wheels on the car, goes with my theme alot better imo.
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    31st Music City Mustang Club Ford Show

    i was going to go to this with southern mustangs, but had to work.
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    F/S: Authentic Saleen Lemans Wheels

    ttt...These are RARE wheels guys, somone has to want these. $900 Shipped to the lower 48.