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    00 turbo singleport project

    That's ****ing sick!
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    00 turbo singleport project

    Lol we'll see I'm getting to the point in the build now where its gonna be a win or a fail. Once I'm done with the exhaust and the permanent mounting of intercooler and catch can its gonna be all about tuning so well see soon enough...
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    00 turbo singleport project

    So now you get it dyno tuned and add more timing and fuel to benefit from that mod
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    Headlight Writeup!!!

    If you put a couple coats of clear coat when you're done it will take longer to turn yellow again
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    WTB: TMA turbo kit

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    Single turbo build

    So I know this forum is pretty much on its last breath nowadays but whatever I'm gonna be consistent... I took off the intake I found the issue with my injector plugs I cleaned them up I held them together with zip ties and I put the intake back on I waited a day to fire the motor I checked the...
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    00 turbo singleport project

    Me too man it's all a bunch of hype for real ...Ls swap the world my friend post it here if u do..
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    My Turn @ Pulling the Trigger on a Twin Turbo

    Yea man! Dam I would love to be part of you're crew out there! Take some third person photos real quick next time and some walk around videos of you're car in the pits. Or whatever you think are some good angles. If I was there I'd take them for you.
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    00 turbo singleport project

    That cougar was moving out! I got distracted in the 4th video by who I assume is you're girl lol! Jp yea man crank up the boost add race gas do something! Lol I follow a guy on Instagram making 800 whp in a built 370z (but still a 3.8 v6) so I won't be happy till I'm high 600's but that's just...
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    Single turbo build

    So i got my oil system all good.. still getting everything hard mounted like the intercooler. Had to buy a bunch of stuff to create the pcv system. theres a pic in the lineup above that shows an egr tube i got at the junkyard off a ranger next to my down pipe. I cut the pipe and welded it in the...
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    Single turbo build
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    Installing Oil Catch Can - 2000 Mustang V6

    This forum has kinda gone dead..
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    M122 Supercharger Install Complete

    I thought you were gonna give us test results on different throttle bodies 358 torque i likey
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    00 turbo singleport project

    Lets see it moooovin
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    My twin turbo build