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    87 Supra Build @@@VIDEO [email protected]@@

    Redline will be around 8k, I chose this motor because of its low-end 279 fl lbs @ 2400 and a stock torque curve that makes me tingle f photobucket lets try this again;
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    87 Supra Build @@@VIDEO [email protected]@@

    Hey all, this is my supra. Got her fired up for the first time this morning;
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    Short Exhaust Clip

    aww ya
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    GT + T2i + nice day = couple new pics!

    need bigger pictures, looks sick in mini form tho
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    Rims are on finally** New Pic**

    Usually not one for black/chrome but looks sick on the white
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    Ortiz's 5.4 M112 Build *WOT Video Post 839*

    Sounds awesome
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    Photos of my car at Mustang Week 2010

    Badass man, nice and clean