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  • I actually googled it and went off of 3 or 4 diffrent articles just to make sure they were all making them the same way then i went to radioshack and bought the resistors and stuff for like $10 and took my o2's and cut the wires in the middle, put in the mil's and soldered them up. I plugged them into my car and they didnt work cause i drove around with bad o2's and didnt know. So when i buy my new o2's i'm pretty sure it will work.
    Lols, didn't realize there was someone with similar tastes=P Twinsies!! j/p

    Only thing is, just be prepared to have the mach 1 chin bug the hell outta ya as it doesn't line up completely.
    BT is something you are born with. It is a collection of the finest members of this forum. Our name is known far and wide.
    most likely, just can't place it. probably here, since we're on opposite ends of the country.
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