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  • Let me know when you start the new thread I don't know how to do it . I want to keep up with your mods. The stripes came out great! did you do it yourself?
    tell me where you are going to start a new thread , your CAI looks great! Was racing SCCA All day today great time. drop me line
    Forgot to tell you won't beat up your car in the solo . You are not going that fast you are using your driving skills not to knock down cones. If you check it out and want to join in your area let me know and I will send you my infro so you will only have to pay 70.00 a year for you and your wife.
    My wife and I joined the SCCA today . You should check that out , very inexpensive 85.00 per year and you can go and drive in many different events from solo and more. This is all course racing . Solo events where you drive for times in a laid out road course. This will take pace in the region you live and others near that . There are races almost very weekend .
    I don't get it what are you trying to say or am I taking it wrong . Is there doubts in what you think I'm saying .
    So sorry about the video I have been trying to send you. My computer crasch, had to get a new one and learnd to use itplus the GoProCam edit I having problems with . If you want to send mt your e-mail can do it that way just don't watch all the junk . send your mail to my profile page like on this one
    My wife put the breaks on me with my mods for a while. But she up to this point has designed the car with me . She has some very good ideas I went with and at the shows she starting to know her stuff. Couldn't done it w/o her. I'm so blessed.
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