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    4.5 SVO parts

    Welp I found the SVO and working on Twin turboing it. Probably going to start a build thread on the turbo forums. Stay tuned. Still in the market for more SVO parts!
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    My twin turbo build

    I would contact the company directly and get a brand new set directly. There is no way you should even have to consider running those
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    My twin turbo build

    Why are you switching out of the blue car? Is it pretty rusted?
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    My twin turbo build

    That drive gear was the failure of two of my motors, I have now gone with brand new drive and driven gears on my engine
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    Turbo for 2004 v6 3.8?

    Be honest with you, only buy things that can support your overall goal. 5000, get a handheld tuner, windstar intake, get a free-flowing restrictive less exhaust for turbo, bigger fuel pump and injectors, get an inter-cooler and piping, bov and wastegate, flip the stock headers and begin cutting...
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    Custom Fuel Rails Wanted

    What size AN do you want on the end? I can try and make a set at my work on the CNC if my boss lets me use the CNC
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    WTB M112 adapter plate

    message Jeff Limmex on facebook. He makes them. I have a m112 on a 4.2L v6 right now I am thing of selling. Inbox me if you're seriously interested
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    4.3 Stroker Build Part Out!!!

    Still have the AJE k member?
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    2001 D.I.Y. Holset Build

    Try loosening the header bolts/ studs connect the v bands tight then tighten down the headers again. Might fix that issue
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    Small upgrade

    How did you like the on# turbo have been tossing the idea of twin on3 gt35 turbos
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    Turbo Build Part Out

    Sale fell through, I still have the Injectors fore sale "Injector Dynamics ID1000's: -$500 Lightly used ID1000's they are 1000cc injectors. Installed and used Jan 2016 to Oct 2016 maybe 1500 miles on them." Will sell them for $410 shipped
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    Turbo Build Part Out

    Still have engine, heads, arp head studs, a few different cams and lots of misc engine parts. I will sell all my v6 stuff to anyone that's interested for a hell of a deal. $1200
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    Single turbo build

    So you got the kit installed!!?? That's awesome, do you have any pictures? Also what did you do for the rest of the exhaust? I noticed earlier up in the thread that you were looking to get the electric cutout, it your interested I still have the mid pipe that I used from the 3 bolt flange by the...
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    Evolution of American Iron

    Car is turning out bitching!
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    99 Twin Turbo Build

    Wow have you come along way since that first youtube video!! haha Loving the stand alone ECU, did you install a flex fuel sensor in right away or does the ECU have the option to add one in??