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    The misfire of all misfires

    I had an injector plug that was loose. It runs a little better bit still isn't perfect. And the cool pack is only a couple months old. Don't really want to buy another if that's not the problem.
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    Official 1/4 Mile Time Slips

    Here's my best from last season- T75 Mods: turbonetics 61mm turbo tial 38mm wastegate hks ssqv bov 310 lph pump 39lb injectors lightning maf 8.8 with 4.10 gears alum. drive shaft stage 2 ram clutch and alum flywheel blew the tires off on the line which is why my 60' is so slow. Car should be...
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    The misfire of all misfires

    Thanks for the advise. Plug wires are on the correct cylinder, I messed that up before lol. I'm using ngk tr6's gaped at .030. Just put a new set of plugs in when I did the compression test this past weekend. As for the coil pack wiring, I'll double check that as soon as I get out to work on...
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    The misfire of all misfires

    To start, the car is a 2000 v6 with about 147k on it. I boosted it about 2 years ago and has run extremely well for the most part. I'm having the worst misfire problem (or what I'm assuming is a misfire). When the car was dyno'd, (tuned open loop) they told me it went a little bit lean at 2k...
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    600rwhp 62mm

    I had a lot of problems getting my downpipe to fit as well. With persuasion it should fit!
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    Camshaft Time

    If he's not interested in the cam, I definitely am!
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    600rwhp 62mm

    I wish I was in that ball park! V6 procharged- you still doing turbo setup? I haven't been on here in a while so I'm lost lol
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    2000 Mustang - FULL part out

    what parts do you have left? i need a lot lol
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    Student loans

    I get the parent plus loan but that requires your parents cosigning... but thats all i know
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    summit racing wheels

    thanks man, so you have a set then?
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    summit racing wheels

    I've been searching around for some decently priced drag wheels. Obviously welds were at the top of my list, but they are a little pricey. I also found some summit racing fast five wheels. Does anyone have these or know anything about them? They seem like they wouldn't be too bad. They just...
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    WTB: Stock Headers

    no worries man, they'll be here lol
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    WTB: Stock Headers

    I've got them if your interested.
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    Smoked Headlight questions

    They really don't help you see the road if ya know what i mean. they look good tho
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    Just tinted.

    Looks clean!! i actually had 15% all the way around for about 2 years and a town cop just decided to pull me over last week for it. Im tintless on the front windows :(