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    Mach Radio

    I got a 2004 Mustang with a Mach 460 with a 6 CD changer. When I push Cd it says No Disc. So when I push Load to put a Cd in the door wont open. Am I doing something wrong or is something screwed up Thanks for any info
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    Aftermarket Temp Gauge

    I been trying to get the temp gauge to work in my 2004 3.9. No luck. I want to put an aftermarket one in can I screw it in to the bleeder pipe
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    Temp Gauge Again

    So I changed the sensor on the 3.9 the one in the head I changed the thermostat and I took the whole gauge cluster to a shop and had it checked out. All the gauges pegged so its not the gauge. When I put the cluster back in I had the battery unhooked an when I hooked it back up an turned the key...
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    Temp Gauge 3.9

    My temp gauge still don't move. I changed the cylinder head sensor in the back of the drivers head. That didn't work so I changed the thermostat that didn't work. The Ford dealer told me there isn't a cooling temp sensor in the 3.9. So im starting to think it might be the gauge. I have another...
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    Burp Coolant

    I put a new thermastst in my 3.9 today I drainded about 4 qts out and now it will only take about 2 back. I think I got an air block. Do I loosen the plug on the bleeder tube an fill it until coolant come out. Do I run the engine while I do this. I got no heat from the heater. What is the right...
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    Rad Drain Plug 2004

    I want to change my thermostat , where is the drain plug on the 3.9 rad Thanks
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    Temp Gauge 2004 4.9

    High everyone im just new today. I just purchased a 2004 3.9 Conv. Everything seemed fine until I noticed my temp gauge don't move. I ghanged the cylinder head sensor but no luck. I don't have any codes up. I have heatand the cooling fan kick off an on.Im starting to think I might be the...