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    Hello Randy Here

    Hi Guys and Gals, My project is a 67 mustang (now) fastback. I am putting 3.7L drivetrain in it out of a 2012 Mustang. It has 41K miles on it. The project started as a ministry to the kiddos at Church and has eventually came to the place that it is now. My car has a Mustang II front...
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    This Robertnop "person" seems to have spammed the site.. has anyone else seen this or is it just I as the 'lucky one'?
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    Restomod - 3.7 into a '66 stang fast back

    I was wondering if you were still on the site. I would enjoy talking to you about your falcon conversion i am doing one in a 67 fstbck.
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    Restomod - 3.7 into a '66 stang fast back

    Hello, today is my first day and this thread is the reason I joined the site. I realize the age of this thread, but I was hoping to see if anyone else has done what i am doing. I have a 67 Fastback and I am putting the 3.7 w auto into the car. I rescued the ole car and want something different...