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  1. CrazyStang

    MacBook Pro New Model 2011

    Anyone else anticipating the new MacBook Pro model supposedly coming out in March? (Rumors say...) This will be my first Apple computer so I'm pretty excited. I thought I would start this for people to share any more information they get on them. I also have a question about time release...
  2. CrazyStang

    Recent pic

    I haven't been around at all lately, so I thought I would post a pic I took today. Nothing special, just washed it and snapped this...
  3. CrazyStang

    Some lame shots

    I was bored and I haven't shot my car in awhile so I thought I would. Wasn't where I could get some cool locations, so this is all I had.
  4. CrazyStang

    Nasty Apartment Pics

    Does anyone have a link to the pics of that nasty apartment someone posted awhile ago. The one with all the wataburger cups and stuff. I've searched like crazy for it and I can't find it. Thanks.
  5. CrazyStang


    I'm in need of some direction as far as shocks and struts go. I'm looking for some decent lower end shocks and struts. Nothing fancy, just something that is decent and not expensive. Seeing how my shocks and struts are the factory ones after over 2 years of being lowered, anything is better than...
  6. CrazyStang

    Scariest Movie

    What's the scariest movie you've seen?
  7. CrazyStang


    My car has started shaking really bad. So, I went and get it aligned and it's still shaking. It's not just the steering wheel, it's the entire car. It is vibrating pretty bad. I've heard it could be the tires out of balance, but I just had my tires mounted and balanced less than 10K miles ago...
  8. CrazyStang

    First pics of my car after the wreck...

    I finally got my car back. I know a lot of you are going to tell me I should have upgraded. But, the wreck happend right before I moved back to school and I didn't have the time to deal with everything involving upgrades. I'm just really happy to have it back the way it was before, but better. I...
  9. CrazyStang

    One headlight

    Does anywhere sale just one headlight?
  10. CrazyStang

    I never thought this day would come...

    Last night I rearended somebody. :( :sleep:
  11. CrazyStang

    Some different shots

    Well, I'm home for the summer for a little while so I decided to take pics at this old bridge in the middle of no where. I thought these turned out pretty nice. If anyone finds anything offensive in the graffitti I'm sorry. :lol: There was some pretty bad stuff out there. :lol: My favorite one.
  12. CrazyStang

    InDesign Help

    Alright here's the deal... I'm working with InDesign CS2...and I need to put text (like paragraphs of text) into columns. (I have 3 columns in my document). I forgot and I can't figure out how to do it. Any help is appreciated. :thumbup:
  13. CrazyStang

    Recent Side Shot

    And a HDR I took while I was there...
  14. CrazyStang

    Strict much?

    Check out this schools rules... :wtf:
  15. CrazyStang

    Video: Beard Combover Commercial

    I love this older commercial. :lol:
  16. CrazyStang

    Shorts or Pants

    Let's say it's perfect weather where you could wear shorts or pants. What do you feel more comfortable in?
  17. CrazyStang

    Hot's 91 degrees here today. :eek:
  18. CrazyStang

    Wet roads or dry roads

    What would wear a tire faster? Wet roads or dry roads?
  19. CrazyStang

    Off the fly Photoshoot

    I was driving by and saw this pretty cool spot, so I stopped and took a few shots. Tried some different stuff out in PS too. Yes, I realize how much better the pictures would have been without the license plate. :( HDR
  20. CrazyStang

    Spinoff 324 - Midgets

    So, have you ever spanked midgets covered in thousand island dressing while in bed with someone? :rolleyes: