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  1. Pete fender

    Temp Gauge 2004 4.9

    Yeah, mine is on the lower manifold, next to the heater pipe, that has the cooling system bleeder plug on it. I wish I knew why they kept moving the sensor around, it was not a new engine at the time. The F150 and Windstar had the dual port a few years before the Mustang did.
  2. Pete fender

    Added Mods, Getting Error Codes And Now Limp Mode

    You added a cold air intake and throttle body, before the spacer. Try "Reverse Engineering." Remove the spacer, return it if you can convince the seller it is causing a problem. Check the throttle body carefully, if removing the spacer does not help. Either there would be a leak, or the bore...
  3. Pete fender

    2000 3.8L Wanting Nitrous

    Add yourself to your ignore list. This site was a disaster when it was You have made it as toxic as Chernobyl. Now run along and alienate somebody else, little boy.
  4. Pete fender

    new 2014 mustang owner from Spain

    Who cares? This is an American forum for V6 mustangs, as the name would indicate. How long have you been in the city? Don't Aussies read English?
  5. Pete fender

    2011 Mustang AC does't start

    NRME is in Australia, we are in America. You have been trolling this forum for quite a while. What is your game?
  6. Pete fender

    2000 3.8L Wanting Nitrous

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? We are not talking about Diesels here, this is a 3.8 V6 Mustang forum.
  7. Pete fender

    Rad Drain Plug 2004

    If it's the one in the side of the radiator, be careful the rush of coolant does not knock the plug out of your hand, it is very light, and comes out all of the way. Sometimes it gets lost "in the rush."
  8. Pete fender

    2000 3.8L Wanting Nitrous

    Looks like you found a new hobby, little boy. Got any more ignorant statements to make?
  9. Pete fender

    2000 3.8L Wanting Nitrous

    Mustang Douche, stop with the childish tantrums. It's very immature to start crap by dragging someone's parent into a disagreement. That went out in junior high school, grow up. That is such a liberal tactic, that shows you are a immature person. I can't help it if the other kids picked on...
  10. Pete fender

    Rich in one bank, lean in the other, equal on load

    Yup. Exhaust leaks cause problems. Mostly where the header meets the down tube, a leaner mixture on the side that leaks.
  11. Pete fender

    Rich in one bank, lean in the other, equal on load

    I just thought of something. Your motor may be batch firing, causing one side to be richer than the other, since that is a dawback of the older batch fire systems. Check the plug on your Cam Position Sensor, make sure the plug is intact. Then trace the wires to that plug as far as you can...
  12. Pete fender

    Rich in one bank, lean in the other, equal on load

    SEFI_Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection. Removing the wire to the Cam position sensor may make the engine act like batch fire. With batch fire, the fuel for one side is out of phase from the other, and since each side is injected, (all vales on that side) at once when some cylinders have the...
  13. Pete fender

    Rich in one bank, lean in the other, equal on load

    Like I said, do it your way, and I'll do it the correct way. Fords are sequential, more efficient. How long you been in the city, boy? Go ahead and block me, but you really ought to check out what you say. Batch firing is from the speed density days, they now use MAF.
  14. Pete fender

    Rich in one bank, lean in the other, equal on load

    All six of us decided to let you do as you think is correct. The cam synchronizer has no useful purpose in your mind, and we don't have to deal with anything you work on. So, in your world, it is only for driving the oil pump, and all of the car companies don't know as much as you. Ford does...
  15. Pete fender


    Only thing I can think of would be the ABS sensors. They get metallic trash from the lining on them.
  16. Pete fender

    2000 3.8L Wanting Nitrous

    Sorry, Mustang Douche, but you are acting so high and mighty, but you are just another pimple on the butt of life. Respect is earned, not won by being such an argumentative snowflake. Continue your BS, and keep acting like a douche-bag, and you will be treated accordingly. Be a good boy and...
  17. Pete fender

    2000 3.8L Wanting Nitrous

    Trying his darnedest to be hated...Mustang Douche.
  18. Pete fender

    2000 3.8L Wanting Nitrous

    Thanks, this will be useful, my CCRM is not getting an AC clutch signal, ans I put in my own relay separate. I replaced the CCRM with a known good one, but still no signal.
  19. Pete fender

    Transmission Casing Hole

    How would that put a huge hole in the engine block? You don't know the first thing about cars! Why are you here?? Diflewait!