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  1. Mustangbkg

    FORD Emblem Letters

    Wow! Thank you so much. This will definitely help out.
  2. Mustangbkg

    FORD Emblem Letters

    So, I am preparing to put FORD emblem letters on my ‘07 V6 hood. I want to make sure it is done properly and accurately. Does anyone have any input about the exact placement that may help me with this? Distance apart, from the front of the hood, etc.?
  3. Mustangbkg

    New here

    I'm really not feeling the look and styling of the new model. It looks a bit too European influenced in the styling, almost detracting from what sets the Mustang apart from other sports cars. With my 2007, I added the Eleanor side scoops and honeycomb rear deck lid (among other details) to...
  4. Mustangbkg

    New here

    Nice. Have you made any additions to it? American muscle is a great site to give u ideas. I've bought some stuff from them.
  5. Mustangbkg


    I think it's a great looking car but too much "concept car" styling. Ford should have named it something other than "Mustang". It loses the traditional mustang lines, details, and overall feel.
  6. Mustangbkg

    New Guy

    Hey everyone! I just joined. I have an '07 Mustang & lovin' it! Made some cosmetic improvements to give it it's own personality. My engine start button on the dash is so sweet.
  7. Mustangbkg

    Hey from South Jersey!

    Dude, that car is sweet! Good job!