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  1. TylerBowman

    The misfire of all misfires

    To start, the car is a 2000 v6 with about 147k on it. I boosted it about 2 years ago and has run extremely well for the most part. I'm having the worst misfire problem (or what I'm assuming is a misfire). When the car was dyno'd, (tuned open loop) they told me it went a little bit lean at 2k...
  2. TylerBowman

    summit racing wheels

    I've been searching around for some decently priced drag wheels. Obviously welds were at the top of my list, but they are a little pricey. I also found some summit racing fast five wheels. Does anyone have these or know anything about them? They seem like they wouldn't be too bad. They just...
  3. TylerBowman

    Basically finished

    Haven't been on much since I finished my car in August. Went with a 61mm turbonetics turbo getting dynoed next Friday. hks ssqv bov tial 38mm wastegate 310lph focus fuel pump lightning maf mishimoto intercooler 3in downpipe Gotta get some engine pics once this intense...
  4. TylerBowman

    sct ba30000 maf

    Had it on for two days, then switched to a lightning maf. $200 shipped obo
  5. TylerBowman

    Dyno day.

    Got on the dyno today and, not that i wasnt expecting this sooner or later, but the turbo took a **** on me. It only made 2lbs of boost and then would just fall off. Still no shaft play but possibly a bearing? I'm not sure but the car made 156hp and 207tq in 4th gear cutting it off at...
  6. TylerBowman

    Huge problems with the turbo build..

    So the car has been done now for a couple days and it was scheduled to get tuned today at 9am. I wanted to take it for a quick trip around the block to make sure everything was working properly before the tune. The weird thing is I couldn't hear the turbo at all like I could before. So when I...
  7. TylerBowman

    Shutting off

    I have my whole turbo set up installed now with the exception of the focus 310 pump. Only prob i have is that after it warms up it doesnt want to idle at all. Basically just shuts off. Could that be the fact that i have bigger injectors without the fuel pump? Or could it be just that it...
  8. TylerBowman

    mishimoto intercooler?

    Has anyone used one of these intercoolers before? American muscle sells them so I figured they would be good. Just thought I would see if anyone has any feedback.
  9. TylerBowman


    Just got a turbo kit from w00v6 and it looks like the overflow tank might need to be moved. Without moving the battery, there isn't much room. Anyone have any suggestions?
  10. TylerBowman

    WTB some parts

    Focus 310lph pump sct ba 3000 maf Or anything along those lines, Thanks guys.
  11. TylerBowman

    Which springs would work?

    I have a 2000 stang and have 18in bullits on it, i want to drop it but i dont want it to rub? What do you guys think would work the best?
  12. TylerBowman

    Which would be better?

    I really want a t-lok for my 2000 mustang but I was just wondering if it would be cheaper to just get a 8.8. And what all does a t-lok installation require?
  13. TylerBowman

    Drivers side door sags

    My door doesn't seem to close right. I looked at it and it seems like it is saging. Any ideas on what I should do? Should I get a new hing or maybe just a hing pin??
  14. TylerBowman

    battery light problem

    Okay, so about a year ago, when I would rev my car over 4000 the batter light would come on. I eventually got a new batter and an alternator off of another v6 mustang. That fixed the problem. Just a couple weeks ago, the problem came back but now its getting worse. Right now the batter...
  15. TylerBowman

    Want new suspension for my 2000 v6

    I've been looking around for new suspension, mainly on Found some H&R ss springs that drop the car 1.75 front 1.6 rear. I wanted to know if thats all I needed to lower my car or will I need the caster camber plates and struts/shocks? any info is appreciated
  16. TylerBowman

    WTB black leather interior

    WTB full black leather interior for a 2000 mustang.
  17. TylerBowman

    painting a terminator bumper cover

    I decided to get a new bumper cover for my car because my other one was cracked. I'm getting ready to paint it and I've heard that you are supposed to add flex agent to it. Can someone give me some more information about this flex agent?
  18. TylerBowman


    When I go over small bumps or even man holes I hear a sqeak coming from the rear. I looked everything over and I really can't see anything that would be making it except the bushings on the arms. If any one has had this problem or know what it might be it would be apprieciated.