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    WTB: mach 1 grille delete

    like the title states looking for a used mach 1 grille delete. if you have one let me know! Thanks:thumbup:
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    discount code?

    does anyone have it? i had it awhile ago but accidently deleted it from my inbox, and none of the mods from AM respond back. If anyone wants to PM me it I would appreciate it. Im in need of some bilsteins
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    Cobra decklid with spoiler

    How much is a reasonable price now a days? I found one on eBay with the decklid, spoiler, and brake light. For $520, is that a decent price? And the paint matches
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    anyone order from eshocks?

    im in need for some bilstein shocks and struts and ive been looking all over for the best prices shipped. AM had them for $636 with 5% discount, and then i just found them on eshocks for $622 shipped :thumbup: but has anyone ordered from there before? i never have and im just wondering how long...
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    Escort Passport 9500ix Radar

    I have a used but it could be sold as new, radar detector, BLUE LED. I used it for a few weeks but i just realized i dont drive on that many major highways so i honestly dont need it. Its looks new, and can honestly say it works awesome. Its rated the best one out on the market right now. No...
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    How is pacesetter?

    I'm looking into a new exhaust and I want some headers. How is pacesetter? I found these on summit, PaceSetter Performance 70-3220 - PaceSetter Headers - Anybody have any experience ? I was also looking into mac as well. Let me know ur opinions!
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    99-04 charcoal trunk mat

    does any body have this laying around somewhere, mine got wet somehow and the hard part attached to the carpet piece is shot. Let me know if you have one
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    v6 is slow! lol

    I'm getting sick of how slow my little v6 is. I want to upgrade it to over 300hp safely and pretty reliable. Whats my best bet? TMA Turbo has some great looking kits and I've heard plenty of good things about his kits. Its a daily driver hence why I want it to be safe and reliable. But I also...
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    is it a neccesity to have this? what if i just disconnected it all together what would happen? just curious cause i never use mine.
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    Winter car care

    How do you guys that have cold brutal winters keep your cars clean? We shut off our hose so it doesn't freeze up. But I also have 18x10s in the back and I even if I wanted too, couldn't fit thru those automatic washes lol. So what do you guys do too keep your cars decently clean?
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    best long tube coatings?

    just like the title states, I want to get some long tube headers but I'm not sure which coating is the best for performance, durabilty, or anything else. I know the chrome is much cheaper then the ceramic. i found chrome ones for about $280. and the ceramic for $370. i want to know any big...
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    steeda rear sway bar

    Im looking to get this sway bar but im not sure if all the hardware comes with it to install it on my 99 v6 since i dont have a rear sway bar at all. Am I better off getting this one or just a stock GT rear? MM has the gt rear sway bars for $130 but im not sure if any hardware is included wit it?
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    photoshop please ?

    If anyone is willing to do me a favor and PhotoShop my roof flat black I'd really appreciate it.. I can post a pic but I'm on my phone right now. If anyone's free let me know
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    will these fit?

    FORD RACING MUSTANG FOCUS F150 WHEELS CENTER CAPS SET | eBay will these fit my 18 saleen wheels? i cant find the size of my center cap that are on there now and i dont feel like taking them off..i think they should but i want to be certain.
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    how's this suspension setup?

    I'm upgrading my suspension and this is what my plans are.. Current: H&R SS Lowering springs, X2 ball joints. Soon to purchase: Bilstein HD Strut and Shock combo, MM Caster Camber Plates, MM Tapered stud bumpsteer kit, MM XL Subframe connectors. Rear sway bar(i have a 99 v6). I'm just...
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    need help with bumpsteer kit

    I need a bumpsteer kit. I'm going with MM, but which is better or the difference. Tapered stud or bolt through style? Need some help.
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    FS: Like new Chrome Headlights

    I have a pair of Chrome headlights, these: Chrome Mustang Headlights (99-04) at - Free Shipping! Were on my car maybe 3-4 months, nothing wrong with them work perfect. $75 shipped.
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    drivers side wheel well question

    I'm putting my wheels on tomorrow and I'm a little worried I might rub in the front. Im lowered with H&R SS no isos and the x2 balljoints lowered my front a little bit as well. I have 18x9 in the front and am running 265/35/18. I looked in the wheel well and theres something that protrudes...
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    FS: 1999 V6 Rear Bumper

    I got a GT rear and I am looking to sell my current V6 rear bumper. It is silver in color and is in great shape. No cracks of any sort. Has the usual scuffs from a daily driver but it looks great on my car now. Still has black "mustang" lettering on it! I know guys with dumps like to use the v6...
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    Is a 295/30/18 too small?

    Is a 295/30/18 too small for a 18x10 saleen wheel? Not so much the 295 but the 30 is what im concerned about..i see many go with 35 but im just curious if my wheels will be taking a beating with such a small sidewall?