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  1. elawn92

    Planning a build

    Hey guys have a 2011 3.7 automatic, I have bama tune, BBK cold air intake, borla attak catback, oil separator so far I want to get BBK long tube headers and o/r x pipe, but gotta wait to find someone that will pass my car emissions cuz I live in Philadelphia, i was also going to do 73 mm...
  2. elawn92

    Weight reduction 2011 to 2014

    What are some ways to drop weight
  3. elawn92

    weight reduction for 2011-2014

    what are some ways everyone is dropping some weight
  4. elawn92

    lets talk about this

  5. elawn92

    auto tranny problem?

    noticed today my rpms are hitting 7k at 40 or 60 attempting to shift out of gears, also have burning smell when driven agressively previous to me noticing this rpm issue, any ideas guys?
  6. elawn92

    3.55 or 3.73 gears

    plan on getting procharger in the future, probably 1.5 - 2yrs, wana get the gears done within next 3 months, which have you guys gone with and how did your stangs react to the swap? i have 2.88 on i think now, i wana do limited slip differential at the same time too
  7. elawn92

    paint protection

    anyone have any one had expierence with paint protection spray or film and would you recomend it? how much does each cost also?
  8. elawn92

    2011 stock, what to do first

    so i got a 2011 all stock, i was going to do exhaust and a couple bolts ons, but from what i read the bolts ons and tune would barely even net me much power gain, so i was thinking should i just save my money for a stock bolt on supercharger, what do you guys think?
  9. elawn92

    oh the decisions (:

    just picked up this gorgeous gal last week, 2011premium, 40k miles for 13k$ (: i am trying to figure out what mods i should do first, or if i should save my money and just go supercharger from the jump in a year or so, or just save money in general to rip the engine and throw a big block further...