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  1. Pinto Beast

    Slowness of the board...

    I know I been gone awhile. & I know that the site has been through many changes. But what caused the site to slow down so much? This site use to be crazy busy what happened to it?
  2. Pinto Beast

    My 98 Vs a Vette

    Not a great run by any means but thought I would share
  3. Pinto Beast

    Not new, just back

    What's up guys, haven't been on in the longest time. Thought I would reintroduce myself. I got three Mustangs. My 98 v6 mustang is procharged with lots of goodies. My 94 GT is procharged with a few goodies, My 87 GT is a work in progress. Good to be back guys.
  4. Pinto Beast

    I think I got a vaccuum leak

    I haven't really investigated this much on my car yet but after heavy acceleration the rpms would hang for a couple of seconds. Then all of the suddon the (after a couple of months, the car is driven maybe once or twice a month a quarter mile at a time) the cars rps would jump up to about 5k on...
  5. Pinto Beast

    C4 Transmission

    Anyone on here swap in a C4? If so what did it take to do it?
  6. Pinto Beast

    1994 GT speed governor

    Quick question, do they have one? and if so what is it set at. I wasn't sure when my dad was asking me about his GT. I knew all the v6 settings but not for the v8
  7. Pinto Beast

    some pics of the old and new ride

    What's up guys? Haven't been on in a while. Thought I would share some crappy pics of the V6 and a few of the 87 GT I picked up a while back. The GT
  8. Pinto Beast

    I need to sell this stuff....

    Xcal 2- $200 OBO shipped.--Sold Xcal 1 **Used SCT Xcal for sale** Tuner was purchased from Velocity Mustang Performance about three years ago. The tuner is unlocked now and ready for use on a new vehicle. I have returned my car to the stock tune thus unlocking the tuner. 94-98 underdrive...
  9. Pinto Beast

    Started my car for first time since the build. Vid inside

    Well I fired it up for the first time since putting it all back together. I'm hoping to get it tuned this week as well.
  10. Pinto Beast

    real quick question

    Is the Xcal 2 compatible with 94-95 mustangs?
  11. Pinto Beast

    First pics of Pinto's ride since the rebuild...

    now rocking Weld Pro Stars, 15x10 on the rear, 15x4 on the front, new mickey thompsons, all new top end gaskets, deleted rear seat, new guages, 8.8 rear end with 3.73's, battery moved to the trunk, LT headers, off road H pipe, Snow water/meth system and a Procharger... The car is about 98%...
  12. Pinto Beast

    Items for sale........

    Xcal 2- Used, I have not used it but assume it is unlocked. I have been told that there is a tune on it for a 99+ GT. Make reasonable offer. 94-98 Under drive pullies- sold Rear seat belts. Work like brand new. Stock radio and CD player- Make offer 1 inch baer aluminum wheel spacers-...
  13. Pinto Beast

    nitrous on an automatic

    My dad will be running nitrous on his 94 GT. I only have experience running it on manuals. It is a Zex dry system. Is he going to need a window switch with an auto?
  14. Pinto Beast

    quick question

    anyone know real fast if an 03 cobra drive shaft will fit my 98?
  15. Pinto Beast

    My new set up....

    Howdy all. Long time, no see, or talk or what ever. I'm overhauling the 6er with a new set up. I'm ditching the nitrous and am adding a procharger. Along with the intercooled set up I'll be running the snow water-methanol system. Along with the blower it is getting a rear seat delete, massive...
  16. Pinto Beast

    anyone else having trouble with yahoo mail?

    It is acting like it is down and I can't get my email, anyone else having this problem?
  17. Pinto Beast

    guitar hero III problems...

    I just bought the game tonight and the buttons on the controler will not respond. I have turned the console off (my ps2), reset the guitar ect and it still won't work. It worked for a short while when I first started playing and then quit. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it?
  18. Pinto Beast

    Question about Youtube

    can you save the vids off of youtube to your computer?
  19. Pinto Beast

    file sharing question

    I need a little help anyone want to help me set up a program I downloaded?