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    Oil weights

    Okay guys i decided to make a thread about this to expand my knowledge considering i know nothing bout how oil is weighted and what the differences are. So my frist question is how is the weight considered (what does it mean). The second question is what the difference between normal and...
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    Windows 8 vs windows 7?

    Has anyone gotten the update from 7 to 8? What changes were made and is it any better? I am thinking about grabbing the update since its only 30$ but not sure if its worth it.
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    Redbull Stratos

    Not sure how many of you watched it but Felix baumgartner ascended up to 128,000 feet in a capsule that was attached to a balloon only to jump out once the capsule reached the edge of space and become the first human to break the sound barrier with out the use of an air plane or jet. He also...
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    Hello everyone!

    How is everyone doing my names Brian and I am from Orlando, FL. Well enough about me we all know the reason threads are opened is for pictures soooo heres my mommy mobile =]
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    Ford round up?

    Hey is anyone going to the annual Ford round up that takes place in Waterford lakes town center?
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    Just got a vortech

    Hey guys i just got a vortech v2 and i have a few questions. I have never installed a S/C before so sorry if i sound like a noob 1. I know the main bracket mounts to the motor where the ac compressor is supposed to be. I have a motor in my garage so no ac is on it but where would the ac...