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  1. bdog

    need a seat

    I need help finding a drivers side seat. Gray cloth auto 6 way. Any help?
  2. bdog

    Subs cutting out

    My subs are acting crazy. I'm not sure if my head unit is going bad or what. The subs will not play at certain times but kick in if I raise the volume or change EQ profiles (ie: super bass, vocal, etc.) Then they will play for a few seconds and cut off. The amp is getting power and appears fine...
  3. bdog

    CEL, Speedo acting crazy

    This morning I noticed my speedo acting weird. It displays 100mph+ if I'm under 10mph. Once I get over 10 it seems to work fine. Also my CEL came on and I noticed the car shuddering or like skipping a second. Please advise. :sadpanda:
  4. bdog

    Tire help.

    Can I switch tires on my two old cars before I junk one and give the other away? The cars are 99 mercury cougar 205/60-r15 and v6 stang 205-65-r15. I want to put the good tires on the stang before I give it to my sister. How much would a tire shop charge for this service?
  5. bdog

    Drunk 4-Year-Old Dressed in Drag Steals Christmas Presents...

    Video on link.
  6. bdog

    broken belt

    I got my oil changed at a lube type place today and the guy said my belt is "about to go." Should I let it go, or replace it before it goes.
  7. bdog

    santa cruz so smarts

  8. bdog

    "It's dead, bitch!" Wandler's dream girl?
  9. bdog

    Shanghai not a "chocolate city!"

    edit since that ap video sucks, They won't let him use the phone.
  10. bdog

    Hitler's Birthday

    Happy bday! :uhh:
  11. bdog

    low rpm

    I'm getting low rpms when I come to a stop. It almost dies and I have to push the throttle to keep it alive. halp:sadpanda:
  12. bdog

    Timing Cover leaking oil

    This is for a 1999 cougar v6. Tires plus says it is leaking oil at the timing cover, but wants to charge 11 hours of labor to fix it. Is this something I can just let go? Or will the car be dying soon?
  13. bdog

    Clutch Sticks

    My clutch was sticking when fully pressed this morning. It went away after 15 minutes of driving. What happen? :sadpanda:
  14. bdog

    Obama Day

    Anyone else watching the inauguration on tv/radio/interwebs?
  15. bdog

    Happy Birthday!

    THANKS! :rolleyes:
  16. bdog

    lazy town bake cake time

  17. bdog

    1999 cougar won't stay on

    I had to take apart the intake on my wifes 1999 2.5 cougar to add some atf through the dipstick. Now the car starts. but after a few seconds it slowly dies. It will stay on if I rev it. I disconnected the battery for awhile but it's still happening.
  18. bdog

    spread the wealth
  19. bdog

    5000 prisoners were executed during Hurricane Katrina

    6nc-DouFzYM :wtf: