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  1. mustang164

    Intake manifolds and some engine parts

    I have a cut and welded upper intake. I removed the bolt post, made the plenum larger along with the tb entrance, and ported and gasket matched the runners. $350 OBO I also have a windstar intake manifold along with the lower sitting egr adapter and bolts $100 OBO New v6 oil pump $70...
  2. mustang164

    WTB 99-00 egr tube

    Let me know if you have an extra one. Just PM me.
  3. mustang164

    turbo kit and some other performance parts

    I have a turbo kit that I made over last winter. I pulled it off the car and was going to re-weld some of the pipes and then send them off to get coated. Well my cobra needs attention and decided to just go back to stock. I made the pipes for the set up larger than normal 1 3/4in primaries and...
  4. mustang164

    WTB 99-04 headlight turn signal bulb connectors

    As the title says I need a pair of turn signal bulb connectors. They are what connect the bulb to the wiring harness and hold the bulb into the headlight housing.
  5. mustang164

    m112 kit

    I am open to offers.:thumbup: I have an partial m112 kit. The plenum, tb, and supercharger are home ported and have the start of an exterior polish.(I can finish if you would like)I have a lot of other information if you are interested. $1600shipped OBO Parts included: intake adapter shaved...
  6. mustang164

    wtb gt mufflers with flow tubes

    As the title says I do not need the axle back because I plan to weld on some turn downs.
  7. mustang164

    wts/wtt mac cat-back

    I would like to sell my mac cat back exhaust or trade it for gt mufflers with flow tubes. I want to go more sleeper with the 6 so I want gt mufflers then I'm going to put turn downs on them.;) Will have pics later on but the exhaust is still on the car and it is my dd right now.
  8. mustang164

    gauging intrest in full m112 kit

    I am not for sure if I want to sell the blower. I just want to see what it might be worth to one of you guys. I would include everything you need even my xcal 2 with start up tune and if your close I might even throw in the hood if you want it.:thumbup: Anyone interested?
  9. mustang164

    car is missfiring and runing poorly

    Here is the thread on v6power. Just seeing if you guys had any ideas as to what might be causing the problem.:confused:
  10. mustang164

    Port and polished upper and lower intakes cheap, and an m112

    99-00 ported tb entry and gasket matched runners and layer of silver engine paint upper intake $125shipped 99-00 ported lower gasket matched in and out and weld over egr $250shipped plain eaton m112 currently no pulley but I can put on the pulley that I have on my sig or a metco 2.7 pulley...
  11. mustang164

    What should I do about my headlights?

    What do you guys think I should do with my head lights leave them, tint them, or get some smoked clear corners. Also I have a blower sticking out the hood now even though it is not in that pic.:D I will try to get newer pics up later. Also there are 2 rings on each headlight that light up with...
  12. mustang164

    need help deciding what I should use for my engine build

    I am looking for your guys opions. How much power could supercoupe pistons, eagle I-beams, and stock 3.8 crank handle with the eaton beating on it? I'm open to any ideas you guys have but I'm trying to do this on a tight budget.
  13. mustang164

    gauging intrest in full m112 kit

    I am thinking about selling my m112 stuff I would sell you everything you would need to bolt it right up to your mustang except a tune including ud pulley and fuel mods. The m112, tb, and plenum are all ported. I am thinking around $3500obo maybe.:confused: Just seeing if anyone would be...
  14. mustang164

    underdrive pulley w/belt, stock heads and ported upper intakes

    I have a lightly ported and painted split-port upper intake $125shipped OBO Also for sale is a brand new 99-00 25% underdrive pulley with belt $175shipped OBO here is a link with pics of every thing PM me if you are intrested in anything
  15. mustang164

    turning boost down Do I need a new tune?

    I had gotten a dyno tune with ported heads, ported lower, long tube headers, catless h-pipe, and a ported eaton m112 at 13-14psi. The ported heads, and ported lower I had change back to stock and I am also turning the boost down with a 25% ud pulley. Will that orignal dyno tune still work well?
  16. mustang164

    I think I have real bad piston blow by

    Smoke will just flow out of the valve covers and it smells almost like exhaust coming out of the pcv.:eek: What did I do and what should I do?
  17. mustang164

    xcal2 data loging problem

    So I need to do some data loging. So I have my live link 3 open and I plug the xcal2, car, and computer all together then try to open my config file. It then tells me "device open failed" and ask me if I would like to continue. So continue it opens the config file and brings up the graph. So...
  18. mustang164

    My M112 project is done with 294hp and 339tq

    I am done, I got dyno sheets(it was done on a mustang dyno and the title numbers are with the 8% correction). Here are some pics I tried to get all under the scoop and came real close but a little of the tb and intake tube show. Also the pulley sticks way out but I like that.:D Thanks to every...
  19. mustang164

    WTB oil dip stick for 99 mustang

    Like the title says I need an oil dip stick for a 99 mustang. I snapped the handle off of mine. My zip is 63368 make me a decent offer and I will take it.:)
  20. mustang164

    o2 sensor wiring to air/fuel gauge

    Ok so I have a new air/fuel gauge and my question is. Which o2 wire is the signal wire?(what color?) Also I have an empty slot in my pod what would you guys recommend?