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  1. Deadmeat

    2007 No Crank, No Start.

    I have a 2007 V6 Automatic that I drove fine all day Saturday, Sunday afternoon I went to start it and got nothing. You put the Key in it and turn it forward the fuel pump primes and everything powers up but when you press the brakes and got to start it the starter doesn't make a sound and the...
  2. Deadmeat

    How much to ask for wheels

    Looking for some opinions, I have a set of aftermarket chrome 18" FR500 wheels for a 94-04 SN95 in pretty good shape they have tires but they are 4 mix matched tires 3 with 50% tread and one with belts showing. What would be a good asking price? I was thinking about 350.00 but I haven't...
  3. Deadmeat

    1" H&R wheel spacers...

    I had these on my 1995 mustang with some FR500's. They are 1"/25mm Hubcentric spacers. part #5065705 same as H&R Trak+ Hubcentric Mustang Wheel Spacers - 25mm (Pair) 5065705 - Free Shipping! looking for around 80 shipped.
  4. Deadmeat

    Handicap Walker Box

    I know it sounds like an odd request and is a long shot but, Im looking for a box that a handicap walker would come in . Like the ones ypu would get at walgreens or a medical store with the picture on the outside. I just want a box to wrap my sister-in-laws christmas Gifts in as a Joke... if you...
  5. Deadmeat

    looking for advice from married/enguaged members...

    Ive been dating my girlfriend for a while now and am to the point where i feel its time to ask her to marry me. but heres where i could use some help. me and her are both a little old fashion. and i want to ask her parents for their blessing on asking for her hand, so i was wondering on the...
  6. Deadmeat

    anyone have carfax?

    Im lookin at getting a new fun car, can anyone run a carfax for me? if so please email or Pm me, thanks...
  7. Deadmeat

    can anyone run a carfax please

    i am looking at a couple cars and was wondering if anyone can run a carefax or two for me. if so Pm, post here or email [email protected]
  8. Deadmeat

    car cover

    looking to order a car cover for a 2007 v6 pony package, wondering if there still is a 6% discount for 3.8members and if there is how do i get it? thanks
  9. Deadmeat

    and I thoughn the DEI vette guy was an idiot

    got this in the mail from a friend...
  10. Deadmeat

    can someone run a CARFAX for me please

    1P3AP24D3RN239261 thanks...
  11. Deadmeat

    WTB: 2 17x9 Chrome Y2K cobra R's

    Im looking for 2 17x9 Chrome Cobra R's in good condition not bent, little curb rash is OK, if you have any let me know let me know price shipped to 49331 [email protected]
  12. Deadmeat

    looking for pics of red 99+ GT with fr500...

    Im looking at getting a Red 2002 GT coupe at the local dealership, my old v6 has 18x9 Chrome FR500 on it right now I want to see a pic of what they look like on the GT he is a couple of pics of the GT if anyone has a pics of a red gt with chrome FR500 please post... thanks
  13. Deadmeat

    PS3 20gb system for sale

  14. Deadmeat

    it @$%ing snowing...

    its not even halloween yet and its snowing here in michigan. Lake effect sucks and theres less than an inch and everyone is goin 35 in a 55 this morning... I hate snow(end rant) crappy cmera phone...
  15. Deadmeat

    Foxbody exhaust?

    I am tring to find out if a 87-93 mustang LX catback will fit a 1995 mustang? they look the same I am using a 1996 catback right now but its starting to show its age and I can get a dynomax exhaust for a 1987-93 LX for cheap. So i need to know if the exhaust will fit and if the hangers are the...
  16. Deadmeat

    UPS dropped off my new toys...

    Got my new 18x9 Chrome FR500's today, gettin them on the car thursday!!! here what the car looks like now (2 of the Y2K got bent so I decided to get new wheels)
  17. Deadmeat

    buy a camaro?

  18. Deadmeat

    Overhaulin' Foose Mustang for sale

    the black 2005 Mustang GT as seen on Overhaulin is on ebay, anyone want to buy it for me???
  19. Deadmeat

    can you make Intercooled badges?

    looking for a set of badges/decals that look just like the supercharged emblems, but saying INTERCOOLED, how much you a custom set of 2 decals cost?
  20. Deadmeat

    just got back from Detroit autoshow... DUW

    well i got back from the 2006 NAIAS in detroit, it was great, the camaro is good looking in person, same with the challenger. I like the new Saturn sky/pontiac solstice and the shelby is lookin great too... (took some pics not perfect but...) LAMBO MERA: 2006 GTO 1960's challenger...