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  1. bhzmafia

    Never installed Mac longtube headers for 94-98 V6; 01-04 V6 Mustang.

    HURRY UP AND BID!!! 25 minutes left..Reserve is $275 Never Installed Mac Longtube Headers for 94 98 V6 01 04 V6 Mustang More Horse | eBay
  2. bhzmafia

    Pro chamber off a 87-95 5.0 mustang

    This pro chamber is 3 inches. Can be modified to fit other mustangs also. I was going to put it on my car but I'm just going to buy a regular Mac hpipe. $175 shipped. I do except paypal Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Tapatalk HD
  3. bhzmafia

    1 chamber flowmasters

    Has anyone installed these and do you have a sound clip? Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk
  4. bhzmafia

    Puffing sounds

    Does anybody know how to get rid of the funny poofing sounds our cars make.. Like the ERRRRRRRRR for instance listen to this it the power steering pump or would installing the pulleys help this? and then this poofing...
  5. bhzmafia

    Backfire Problem

    Yesterday I replace my spark plugs with bosch plugs and wires. After the install there is a loud popping back fire from the passenger side.. I matched my older wires to the new one(even though the originals were a tad longer).I did each one one by one.. I also replaced the air filter on my cold...
  6. bhzmafia

    sprint ut starcom 6700 for trade

    I have a utstarcom 6700 ppc window mobile 5 phone that I don't want to sell but trade for a sprint motorola phone is worth more than the motorola q but I'm willing to trade becausei need some thing smaller..I will have pics up soon
  7. bhzmafia

    lagging problem

    I have an issue going on with me car and its really weird..I was driving and all of a sudden I have this lose in torque power....I could press the throttle all the way down and it just lags up to the exhaust has become extremely hesitate and has a popping sound...and its gotten really...
  8. bhzmafia

    4.0 explorer engine

    My dad just totaled his 98 explorer limited. i know they are rated at 205 horses...will this engine fit in a 98 mustang?
  9. bhzmafia

    wide tires

    Hey Everybody...I wanted to know...whats the widest tire i can put on a 20x8.5 wheel for the rear on my 98 mustang? I have 255/35/20 on there now and I want to go a lil wider? Any professional adive before I order them? I have 20 inch Cobra R wheels.
  10. bhzmafia

    Auto or Manual

    Hey guys!! I'm thinking about getting a 1999-2004 Gt. I wanted to get the opinion from you guys whether I should get an automatic or a 5 speed? I never driven a standard shift but once (in a honda civic) and i sucked..but i really want to much more fun are standard transmissions?
  11. bhzmafia

    does bar's leak head gasket repair work?

    i think i may have a blown head gasket. I was told to buy this stuff and it should work. tell me what u think.
  12. bhzmafia

    650 hp???

    How can our cars make this much power like this buick??
  13. bhzmafia

    I passed Emissons

    Just letting everyone know that I passed emissions without cats. But I did use a fuel additive called pass emissions gauranteed from autozone. that may have worked. Test results Hydrocarbons (HC) Standard:220.00 ppm Results: 108.39 ppm Carbon Monoxide(CO) Standard:1.2 % Results...
  14. bhzmafia

    Would this be good

    I was looking at EBAY and I came across this. Could this work? Is it wouth it?
  15. bhzmafia

    New Video + exhaust sound

    This is a video i jus put together. i dont know why the quality turned out the way it did but here it is anyways Click here to see Video