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    Thinking about an import

    and why is it you wouldn't prefer a 4door? I can fit four people in my car comfortably and still beat you :wink:
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    Jeff i need to ask you something bud

    yes the 02-03 bodystyle of wrx's are known for their shitty transmissions and if you dont take care of it stuff like that will happen. More than likely its not just a synchro and he will probably have to have it rebuilt. If thats the case make sure he gets some better gears etc.
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    backseat delete kit

    i dont still have dimensions for it but i'm sure if you ask teal she can give them to you b/c she bought it from me when i sold my car
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    Happy Birthday tealpony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry happy blated bday
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    2 12" in 2002 Coupe

    i've never seen 2 12's fit in a mustang w/o a custom enclosure. i had to build a box in my trunk for my 2 10's so good luck w/ that. i'm not so sure about adding it to the factory system b/c i replaced every piece of stereo equipment in that car
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    Yes I'm Alive!

    i bought my 02 wrx just about 2 years ago now for 16500 w/ 42,000 miles on it so thats a pretty good price for an 04 but why an automatic? also, the scion tcs are great for a daily driver but they are by no means fast and imo they are kinda chic cars
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    Thinking about an import

    ok just checking
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    Thinking about an import

    i hope your kidding dont get me wrong i loved my v6 but there was no "bark" if i can find a way to get some sound clips of my wrx maybe you will understand
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    ya it is kinda scary to think i'm now 22 but aye we all grow up at somepoint its bound to happen
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    Yes thats right bitches its my b-day!
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    went to the track, again...

    ya i know thats what i was wondering. only mods i had were turbo back intake and springs and ran a 14.2 untuned on **** tires and full interior/stereo. let me drive it =)
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    went to the track, again...

    so your best run w/ the sti was 14.5?
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    finally raced the stang!!

    are u sure that wasn't a 2.5rs? my 02 wrx ran 14.6 stock...
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    OK I am going to describe a DD and you tell me what it is...

    he has the best idea so far =)
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    My new car. (it has vtec)

    hmm wasn't expecting this was the next car in your garage. Not a bad choice that is a ws6 correct?
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    You'll never believe who looked me up on chat today....

    wow.... he still lives
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    Mach 1 and update on WRX

    Well its been awhile since i've posted up but my buddy just bout a 40th anniversary mach1 and is looking for suggestions on blowers and parts w/o having to break the bank 2 bad. I gave him some suggestions on what i know and what i remember but was looking for some outside feedback any input...
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    Off topic question... About WRX's

    yes to an extent, many people put wrx/sti motor/transmission in the older 2 door 2.5rs impreza