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    08 4.0 vs G35

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    I want to get a truck

    F-150 is a great truck, but do get a 3/4 ton. You won't regret it, may cost a little bit more, but is worth it. Hell, if you can swing the cost for a diesel, I'd get that. With a programmer you can get much better mileage than a gasser, much more power, and will run longer.
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    It was made ummoderated, bad idea but hindsight is 20/20. Wendy is MIA and she is the only admin we really have, Roger hasn't been around in a long, long time.
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    I've been here since December of 2003. I was 15. I'm 21 now. Swore into the Corps today...
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    Well this site seems all but dead, kind of sad really. What is happening with everybody? Anything new going on? Who here still actually owns a V6 Mustang? I leave in August for boot camp, DEP'd into the Corps last week and swear in the 1st. That is my update, and why I haven't been around...
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    Who knows how to use photoshop?

    I, personally, am not a fan of those rims. I see them on too many imports, and I see them on cars driven by guys who wear a flat-billed hat with the bill tilted and pulled to one side of the head while they lean back in their sick rides playing music that would make a deaf person grateful, all...
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    Happy New Years bitches

    That is all. Carry on.
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    I'm Back!

    Well, where'd ya go? Nothing has happened here...Wickky came back for a while.
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    Update of stuff why i have not posted in awhile....... again

    Those are some awesome pictures Wick. I hear Marines there are pretty bored now, not a lot to do as the Iraqi's have pretty much taken over much of the operations, at least in Baghdad. What is your rank? Reaction on boot? MOS? That scissor jack mortar is crazy awesome! You gotta hand it...
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    where the hell is everyone?

    Nitrous if you are interested is a great resource for poolees wondering about boot camp and everything else. Really gives some good insight and can camp your fears or anxiety over it, people attest to how it prepared them mentally for what they were getting into.
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    Texas stang

    Welcome aboard.
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    where the hell is everyone?

    I am applying to OCS right now, but am still leaning toward enlisted. I will get my contract as an 03xx MOS regardless...What MOS are you? You MCRD SD or PI?
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    where the hell is everyone?

    I'm just busy. Working and stuff. Ironing out the details to get in the Marines which takes a lot of time up.
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    2010 Mustang

    Eh, pretty lame. Maybe it will grow on me, what is the powerplant?
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    No it is okay if we conservatives bash on liberals, we are right and they are wrong and they need to know, so we berate them. :mrgreen: You know you'll always hold a special place in my heart Wendy... :fist: :mrgreen:
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    Well, it happened...

    The expectations are high but the bar is set low, he could accomplish little to nothing and people wouldn't care. We are becoming lemmings.
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    Well, it happened...

    Obama did it by empty rhetoric and false promises. I truly feel he tricked the American public. He was president-elect for less than a half hour when he started going back on just about everything he promised, saying all he wants done can't be done in a year, or even a term. In the next...
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    NOBAMA! I voted, and it wasn't for Obama. One of my friends, an Obama supporter, asked who I voted for, I simply told her it wasn't Obama, she told me to **** off and was serious. I'm so glad people in this country still have an open mind.
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    The fact you've served and still refuse to vote lends no credence to your argument. If you don't like something, do something to change it. If more people voted 3rd party then maybe they would be a viable option. I respect your service, believe me I do, but I can't respect your refusal to...
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    Kind of sickened to see how many aren't voting because "my vote doesn't count." It is shame so many younger members of society refuse to vote because they are so naive of the election process and the ripple effect they have on. If everyone who said they aren't voting because they didn't think...