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    Third War In Iran

    Its not that they wouldnt mind, its that its their goal to do that, like I said, they want a world jew and christian free. Period. Yes, nuking them would bring the end of the world, but eliminate /= nuke. I say we just get rid of them from our country and dont let them in here, sort of like...
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    Drugs and alcohol...

    Yea. I have quite a few friends that smoke 2-3 times a day, and will still graduate with GPA's over 3.0, my girlfriend for example smokes at least twice a day, and she is incredible intelligent, her roomate is a complete idiot common sense wise, but her GPA is good.
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    Third War In Iran

    They wont get on with their lives, and they wont get on their side of the line. It's not Iran thats our biggest threat, people don't realize that Iran is a small part of the problem. Its the entire nation of Islam thats our problem. The saddest part about that, is that they have been raised...
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    Everyone still breathing?

    I be alive. I always check for messages, just rarely see the need to post.
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    Happy B-day!
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    except that truckers hate it when you do that, so don't do it.
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    Looking for powerful program for AD!!!

    Oh my god, 3 user names 1 person?! What a crazy ploy...
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    date help....

    if hes watching the movie at his place he can communicate all he wants. Thats how I got my girl, she came over like 3 or 4 times a week and we'd watch a movie and talk. I hope you got some game player. ;)
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    date help....

    Take her home and watch a movie on the couch. Dont be a fool, wrap your tool.
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    V6Mustang is DEAD

    P.S. I live in Cleveland, but Im on the other side from Norwalk, its about 2 hrs away or so... Is that a weekend that its on? I might end up going.....
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    V6Mustang is DEAD

    Im still here and still have the stang. I check close to every day, I just never really feel the need to post anything, the internet has become boring to me of late, yet Im still here all the time.....
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    Ford Mustang Concept

    lambo doors = gay
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    Official V6M Members Pics Thread

    Ick. I cant take shots of anything but vodka anymore. Tequila and I dont have a good time, and when I drink whiskey I get angry drunk. I stick to beer and have a great time. 8)
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    What is your job?

    yep, back doin this **** for another 6 weeks. quarter system rocks, no school again until january 3rd...
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    Halo Headlights Question

    i would imagine adjusting them with the screws that hold them in could help with aiming, otherwise the fit to the bumper might just automatically aim them in the right spot. Ive only had to aim lights for my firebird, those were flip up lights, so that wasnt hard, never had to aim the mustang...
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    CAI Whistle Question??

    I'm pretty sure that its supposed to do that, though I don't have one on my car yet.
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    A pic of me working

    just curious, you dont have to answer this but what kind of money does that throw out? are you making six digits?
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    you know...

    how old? I just turned 20 yesterday... One more year and I'm done counting.
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    Official V6M Members Pics Thread

    I feel as if I've never posted a pic of me on here before, so Ill post one up for once... dude in the orange is my roomate now, in this picture he had just finished an entire bottle of absolut mango. needless to say, he doesn't remember taking this picture, Im the hot one in the blue...
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    What is your job?

    Fulltime student during the school year, last summer I was an aeronautical part grinder. I took the rejects from the press and ground the cracks out of them so that when they went into the final press they wouldnt create any more cracks.