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    Need some input.

    I'd ask for opinions on my local forum...but I'd rather keep this under wraps until the season starts as much as possible being that it's local and all. I'm putting together a nitrous kit for a little winter project. One of the few unordered parts to date are the gauges. I need an N20...
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    Where are all the damned 'Car Girls'?

    I remember laura...didn't she have slicks and skinnies on her fairly stock v6? always thought that was odd, even if it looked cool...haha. sarah actually signed up on my local car forum ( awhile back. i thought that was pretty funny/random.
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    where the hell is everyone?

    Needs more gauges on the interior :shock:
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    where the hell is everyone?

    sounds like a nasty bitch! build it or buy it? any timeslips from previous owner?
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    where the hell is everyone?

    We need details wickky! :lol:
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    2010 Mustang

    Honestly, to me that just looks like a car that some 3rd party designed on a 05-09 mustang platform. It looks good...but it's not much of a facelift at all, if they're going to call that a new generation then that's laughable.
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    So I test drove a lancer GTS..

    I know it's 4k more, but did you look into the Civic Si's? ... 90MIC101E0 Those are seeeexy and have an great drivetrain to boot. I'd almost guarantee that it would hold it's value far better than the Lancer would too.
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    Terminator vs GT 500

    Well, a GT500 will have a warranty. Though, a warranty is really only good if the company isn't bankrupt, which who knows where the domestic car companies will be in a year or two. :lol:
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    Well, it happened...

    If she would have given me the impression that she had a head on her shoulders I would have definitely considered giving her party my vote. I try my best to not judge anyone by superficial things like gender or race. I simply made the judgement call by the intelligence she displayed (or lack...
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    I worked the same 5p-8a shift that I do every friday night. :(
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    Well, it happened...

    Welcome to American politics. If we lived under the English Parliament we wouldn't have to worry about politicians changing their mind, because when someone says they're going to do something under their government, you're pretty much guranteed it's going to get done. With that said...
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    Chi-town would be fun! Good luck with the job hunt.
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    Mach 1 done.....

    haha, man, i remember when you first got that long has it been? looks amazing. how long did the restore take?
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    I'd give your left nut for a new Challenger...

    **** the SRT-8, I'll take the SRT-10 Challenger please. :twisted:
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    check you're trunk

    i found at least 3 wrenches when I cleaned out the engine compartment after buying the T/A. Those survived an 800 mile trip home from where I bought the car somehow. :lol: Is that really a stock knob you think? I thought the mustangs had just a regular 5-speed pattern on their knobs...
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    new photo's

    pix or ban! :lol:
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    2009 focus rs

    Haha, just like that roof scoop right? :wink:
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    2009 focus rs

    I dont know what you guys are talking about, I think that wing looks perfect on the green one. The 1st gen one though...heh...I dunno about THAT wing.
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    2009 focus rs

    that car actually looks like it should have that little front scoop. i think those look sooooo out of place on the ones running around here.
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    Been away for a while...who is still around?

    Good to hear you're okay from that--that pic seriously made me hurt on the inside. :shock: What's this 'pocket' you speak of, though? I couldn't see anything in the picture (or is it on the inside of your mouth?) I figured you tore part of your lip open or something.