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  1. tec_41

    Disable CEL for Evap Code?

    I have a minor evap leak code being thrown, likely due to a leak in my filler neck. Just curious if I can use my SCT X3 tuner to disable that... Thanks!
  2. tec_41

    Need Help ASAP - Gear Install Fail :(

    Fun story here. First off, I completely regret attempting the gear install myself. It was not worth the money saved seeing as how I had to rent/buy/borrow a stupid amount of tools. And I'm a pretty competent person. Usually. So I got Ford Racing 3.73 gears installed, successfully I had thought...
  3. tec_41

    Broken Dipstick Tube *pics*

    Was installing headers since one of the lovely Ford one's cracked. Pos dipstick tube wouldn't budge and broke. My buddy had the idea of using a screw extractor, which I think could work. There is nothing to grab onto, it's broken flush with the block. Then we'd of course flush the oil after...
  4. tec_41

    Unable to Edit Garage

    I've been updating my garage as I go since March, but as of today I'm not seeing an Edit button anymore (see capture1). Also, when I click on "Set Cover Image", I receive the error seen in Capture2. Did I exceed some kind of limit, or am I doing something else wrong? Thanks!
  5. tec_41

    WTB - Catback Exhaust

    Looking for just about any catback, preferably a dual setup. If you have anything please let me know!
  6. tec_41

    WTB Catback Exhaust

    When doing my clutch last week the catback portion was rendered unusable. Luckily the flange after the cats is still good! So I'm looking for preferably a dual exhaust, new or used as long as it isn't rusty. Willing to pickup if it's within 2 hours of the Milwaukee area.
  7. tec_41

    WTB - Nitrous Kit

    Looking for a nitrous kit for my 03 v6. I'd like to get everything I need in one kit, but if you have any random pieces that would help me out just let me know. Thanks!
  8. tec_41

    Can't Upload Images to Garage

    Hello, Just recently I'm unable to upload any images to my Garage. They're JPEG's, and I tried re-sizing (even though I know there is no limit). Is this feature currently broken, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  9. tec_41

    Popping With Aftermarket Head Unit

    I'm trying to sort out an issue with an Aftermarket unit (Pioneer DEH-P6600 to be exact) that came installed in my car from a previous owner. A very audible pop is emitted when muting, changing stations, adjusting audio settings, or turning the unit on/off. Now since I installed a sub and amp...
  10. tec_41

    Hanging RPM Between Shifts

    This has been a pretty annoying issue which is affecting driveability. 03 3.8 5-speed- It takes a very long time for the RPM's to drop between shifts. Say I do first gear up to 3k, it will hang at or around 3k for at least 2 seconds before starting to slowly go down. It does this between every...
  11. tec_41

    WTB - Lowering Springs (03 v6)

    Looking for a set of lowering springs asap- I need to do struts and tie rods, which I won't be doing until I get a set of springs. Not looking for anything in particular. If you have anything let me know!
  12. tec_41

    Knock Noise, 1500rpm - Video

    Hi everyone, just picked up this 03 v6 5-speed with 126k miles. I got it for $200 from a buddy, so my heart won't be completely shattered if it needs an engine swap. The noise is completely RPM based, happens only around 1500rpm. I haven't checked if it does it under load, I didn't notice it...
  13. tec_41

    My $200 Score

    Hello everyone! I just purchased this 03 v6 5-speed with 126k on it from a friend of mine for a whopping $200. He just wanted to offload it asap and I was in the right place at the right time. Currently I drive a full size truck 40 miles one way to work, so this will make a great commuter. The...