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    Split port help?

    So we swapped a 99 engine and trans into a 98 body. We made a custom fuel rail re wired basically all the connectors so they would fit in the right areas. Now as for the trans there was a sensor that changed from two wires to three on the newer trans. We were not 100% sure on what to do with...
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    The king demon of all 3.8 5 speed mustangs.

    First id like to say this is the demon hellspawn 98 ford mustang 3.8l 5 speed Just multiple issues... seems like when one gets taken care of another arises.. Ok hello all im new really could use some more ideas as im kinda out of them at the moment. So when i first had the car brought to me...
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    Not so jealous non owner anymore!!!!

    Hello I'm tyler. Im a pretty decent mechanic. Im definately still learning and hate tracing electric demons. Ive done my fair share of motor rebuilds ive done my fair share of work. Ive worked in a few shops and about to start at another. But im pulling my hair out about this car.hope to talk...