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  1. Andy Dechavez

    New comer looking for ideas

    what octane was that tune you were referring to? I, too, purchased some Bama tunes for 87, 90 and 93 octanes for my 2014 V6 mustang with PP. I bought it together with my Airaid CAI, but I did install some Pypes Pype bomb axle-backs earlier. I just haven't installed the tunes because i'm holding...
  2. Andy Dechavez

    New guy from Michigan!

    hey, a fellow michigander here! i'm in Macomb county and also a noob to i'm trying to keep my 'stang on the road despite the crappy weather lately, but gave in a few times to carpool in the truck due to the excessive snow and ice! if you see me, flash your brites (i already wave...
  3. Andy Dechavez

    2011 V6 - Leaking axle vent tube

    Vent tube? Are you saying the rear axle vent originally came with a tube attached to it? I have a 2014 3.7L with the PPkg. I never noticed if it originally had an actual hose connected to the axle vent. My attention was brought to the vent when I was installing my Pypes Pype Bomb axlebacks. I...
  4. Andy Dechavez

    Using Our Forum: FAQ, Tips & Other Useful Information

    Me too! Lemme know before I put an one. Make mine red!
  5. Andy Dechavez

    2014 Mustang V6 Noob here

    2014 Mustang V6 Noob here