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  1. Wandler

    4.5 SVO parts

    Simsbud152 on twitter might be able to help you out. I PM'd you some more info.
  2. Wandler

    Official NBA Thread

    Up to episode 7 on The Last Dance. I've really been enjoying it.
  3. Wandler

    Official What did YOU just buy?

  4. Wandler

    Official 2020 NCAA Football thread

    RSSO NDSU QB Trey Lance is getting pushed into the Trevor Lawrence/Justin Fields conversation already for next years NFL draft. I guess when you have an undefeated season with a 28/0 TD/INT ratio and rush for over 1100 yards the hype comes.
  5. Wandler

    **Official 3.7 Cooking Thread**

    Doing a post Cinco de Mayo cook on Saturday. Thinking about a flank steak for fajitas or something.
  6. Wandler

    Official Video Game thread...

    Kind of getting bored with Animal Crossing.
  7. Wandler

    Rate the latest movies you've seen...

    Been forever since I watched anything. You guys?
  8. Wandler

    Official Hockey thread

    Flyers were robbed.
  9. Wandler

    Official Permanent College Basketball Thread

    Noles were robbed.
  10. Wandler

    Official Home Projects Thread

    Probably installing sprinklers here.
  11. Wandler

    Official 2020 NCAA Football thread

    I see Tennessee is killing it in recruiting.
  12. Wandler

    Official Weather Thread

    Rained a bit today.
  13. Wandler

    Official NFL Thread

    Tom Brady.
  14. Wandler

    Official MLB thread

    **** the Red Sox.
  15. Wandler

    Official NBA Thread

    Thunder were robbed.
  16. Wandler

    TV Discussion Thread

    I'd have a beer.
  17. Wandler

    Official What did YOU just buy?

    Dell OptiPlex 3020 Computer i5-4570 3.2Ghz 4GB 250GB USB 3.0 Windows 10. $89 off ebay. Putting plex server on it for the cabin.
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  19. Wandler

    Daily Discussion Thread

    Might I recommend a shower remodel?