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  1. ACobb04

    2004 oem headlights

    Selling my oem headlights with 99k miles on them. No physical damage, but I tried to VHT (2 light coats) and clear coat them and they look kinda splotchy up close. I suck at painting. They look good from a distance though. Easily fixed by re-sanding them. $50 shipped
  2. ACobb04

    Anyone here in the Air National Guard? Full time?

    I've been thinking about joining. Wanted to ask some questions before I contacted a recruiter. 1. What's it take to become full time? Is it possible to be full time straight out of training? 2. Anyone an officer? How long was your OTS? I have a degree and when I took the ASVAB in high school I...
  3. ACobb04

    Anyone want to do a NCAA FB fantasy league?

    anyone? We could do all BCS conferences + ND. Yahoo? CBS? Post your preferences.
  4. ACobb04

    Alternator overdrive pulley question

    So I bought one of these Powermaster Alternator Overdrive Pulley 6-Rib Serpentine (49mm) 1986-2004 | CJ Pony Parts But when I put it on it didn't line up. It wouldn't slide onto the snout far enough. Anyone know how to make it work?
  5. ACobb04

    H&R super sport springs (coupe)

    Looking for a set of h&r super sports :thumbup:
  6. ACobb04

    WTB/WTT: H&R Super Sport springs (99-04)

    Looking for a set of H&R super sport springs. I'm also willing to trade any of the things listed here:
  7. ACobb04

    Yahoo College Football Pick 'Em

    I'm going to create a group for 3.7mustang. Who's in? I'll send invites to everyone that wants one. Just pm me your email. Here's the group link: Yahoo! Sports Fantasy College Football Pickem
  8. ACobb04

    6th Annual Mustangs Assault the Dragon - July 14-15, 2012

    Important Information: Time: 12:00 pm on Saturday July 14 Place: Meet for lunch at Cheddar's in Alcoa Hotel/Cabin Reservations: Everyone is responsible for making his/her own reservations. There is no group hotel. We will be leaving for the Dragon after lunch. If you plan to eat somewhere...
  9. ACobb04

    Guy builds a model F1 car (Red Bull RB7) out of paperboard

    Pretty amazing. Great attention to detail. A paperboard Red Bull RB7 - Forum -
  10. ACobb04

    FS: wheels/tires + coilover springs + Jmod plate + more

    - Stock throttle body. $35 + shipping - Stock crank pulley + balancer (01-04). $50 + shipping - Stock black v6 side scoops. Paint looks good. $45 shipped - Set of Eibach 12"-250# coilover springs. $80 shipped I'll throw in a set of helper springs for free if you want them. - JMod...
  11. ACobb04

    2011 College Fantasy Football League

    It may seem a little early, but I saw that CBS is already starting sign-ups for their competitions. I haven't made a league yet in case Geoff wanted to do it again. Just posting this to get interest started and see who's in this year. Conference Pool: MAC DRAFT: Monday, August 29 @ 10 PM...
  12. ACobb04

    BRAND NEW! Tokico D-Spec struts

    I have a pair of D-Spec struts I need to get rid of. They will fit all 94-04 Mustangs. They're brand new in the box. I accidentally ordered two sets (long story but short version is I'm dumb) and it's too late to cancel one of them. I'm only looking to get back what I paid. Asking $350...
  13. ACobb04

    A few rolling/still shots

    Not a "photoshoot" I know, but it's a few pics taken the same time as Zach's, and I wanted to put them up.
  14. ACobb04

    5th Annual Mustangs Assault the Dragon - July 9-10

    Important Information: Time: 12:00 pm on Saturday July 9 Place: Meet for lunch at Cheddar's in Alcoa Hotel/Cabin Reservations: Everyone is responsible for making his/her own reservations. There is no group hotel. We will be leaving for the Dragon after lunch. If you plan to eat somewhere else...
  15. ACobb04

    22" long exhaust tips

    Anyone running 22" long exhaust tips? The longest I usually see by searching around are 18 or 19. If you have 18" tips, do you think 22" would reasonably fit? Post pics if you have them.
  16. ACobb04

    Epona got raped. (Or how I'm getting a free GT bumper)

    scratch through the paint along the outside of the wheel: So here's what happened: Was driving north on 11th street here in knoxville after class. Had just went through the light past world's fair park. Kid pulls out of 11th Place parking garage and hits my rear bumper from the side as I...
  17. ACobb04

    FS: K&N FIPK intake

    I have a 99-04 K&N FIPK cai for sale. Switched to a Windstar so looking to get back some of my money. Bought it nearly new for $140, I'll take $100 shipped for it. All pieces are as good as new and the filter was recently recharged. I still have the original instructions that I'll include as...
  18. ACobb04

    Post your Fall '10 Classes

    Searched and didn't see this posted yet so..... What's everyone taking in the fall? I just finally got my schedule worked out as best I could. As mixed up as my classes are (switched schools AND majors a while back) and since I'm taking all upper level stuff now that's only taught once a...
  19. ACobb04

    WTB Mac Flowpaths

    Looking for a set of Flowpath mufflers. Not interested in any other kind. Let me know what you have.
  20. ACobb04

    shifting early?

    After installing 4.10s I noticed the transmission shifts at 5000 rpms in all gears. Also, it shifts into o/d while just driving around at around 30 mph and the car bogs for a second. I have a tune from Justin and I've corrected the speedo with my SCT. Is this normal or should I get a retune...