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    Sorry, I just saw this message. My email changed and I didn't get the notification. I still...

    Sorry, I just saw this message. My email changed and I didn't get the notification. I still make them if you are still interested. Thanks, Steve.
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    Helpppp Manifold

    Sounds like you forgot to plug something back in as far as the sensors or ignition system.
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    FS: 1993 Mustang LX 5.0L 5-Speed

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    FS: 1993 Mustang LX 5.0L 5-Speed

    Sorry guys, I'm not parting it out.
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    FS: 1993 Mustang LX 5.0L 5-Speed

    I've been working on this car for 3 years trying to get it where I liked her to be but 3 kids, a house, and too much overtime at work I never have time to enjoy it. I have well over $10,000 invested in the car including a paint job by a professional custom rod painter that I had done 1.5 years...
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    Help with Chip/Tuner

    If the computer has a chip inserted, you will find it on the opposite end of the computer of where main harness is attached. You DO NOT have to open up the computer housing to determine if it has a chip. The 3 connectors have small tabs that keep them pulling apart- lift up on the tabs and...
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    Power window dead??!!oneleventy!!

    The window switches go bad over time. Sometime if the window doesn't want to move, rock the switch back and forth several times and it will make contact. The switch is easy to replace.
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    Engine wont turn on! lights go out! Ground problem?

    Chances are the battery is dead.
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    Engine Question

    You can't swap gauge clusters- it more complicated than that. Please don't state things you have no knowledge or experience with. To the OP- you can use your 98 transmission. What you are doing is commonly referred to as a "split port swap". If you search around you can find a mountain of...
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    Heat breaching drivers seat footwell

    The footwells can get pretty hot. It doesn't sound like anything abnormal to me.
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    Junk. A very generic chip. Go with Justin at VMP.
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    ls1 into an 03?

    This won't be pretty. The topic is closed- You are inviting flamage.
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    freeze plugging popping out

    A faulty radiator cap can cause system over pressurization. You have some serious system pressure to pop out a freeze plug.
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    Clutch Cable.

    Not Engine Tech- Moved to Drivetrain
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    PRP/ datalogging OBD1

    I have a PRP that I used on my 01 and 93. Given the complexity of your setup, I would highly recommend a dyno tune by someone knowledgeable with Ford tuning
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    pulling a Ranger rear end??

    Ranger rear ends will not bolt onto a Mustang.
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    Gt Instrument Cluster

    This thread is done. And driving 120mph on a public street or highway is ignorant and dangerous. If you want to kill yourself driving at excessive speeds, go ahead. But don't risk the lives of me, my family, and my friends because you think it's cool to peg a speedometer. Period. End of...
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    Gt Instrument Cluster

    Not engine tech- moved.
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    Quick blinker question.

    The multifunction switch may be bad (aka turn signal lever). Does the dash indicator flash briefly one time when you move the switch up or down?
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    need help deciding what I should use for my engine build

    Anytime you change components with the crankshaft, rods, and pistons they have to be balanced. Just because you are using a 3.8 crank doesn't change the fact the rotating assembly has to be balanced.