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  1. 04 3.9 Vert

    Post a Photo of YOUR Mustang as it sits, GO!

    Looks nice, you will like it - hope it works out. My 2004 was one of my favorites. Have had a 6 cylinder Mustang continuously since I was 16. '65, '67, '79, '04, '12. Photo is on the Bourbon Trial in central Kentucky.
  2. 04 3.9 Vert

    Is Alignment necessary after Front Sway Bar Install

    I am about to upgrade the front sway bar and add a rear sway bar. I am installing Eibach's anti-roll kit swaybars. My question - do I need a front end alignment after removing and installing the new front bar. Thanks for any comments.
  3. 04 3.9 Vert

    '02 auto transmission bogging?

    Describe what you mean by bogging. My 04 3.9 shifts at about 40 mph from 3rd to Overdrive under light acceleration and I think my TC is locked at that 40 mph in OD. The RPM is fairly low about 1200 if I remember right. If I apply the accelerator ENOUGH I can feel the TC unlock and accelerate...