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    I live in Wyoming. It wouldn't matter if I voted 1000 times for someone else, McCain was still going to take the state. Easily. Only state that went more strongly for him was Oklahoma. Anyway, I didn't vote for Obama or him, but I did vote.
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    Ohhh, very nice! I really like the car!
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    Not voting for Obama, also not voting McCain, but will be voting. Edit: Heading to the polls in a few minutes, election day came quick!
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    When you have family and friends, being homeless isn't soo bad. (At least it wasn't for me :D ) But I do hope Chicago works out for you. You definitely need something to finally work.
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    So, is this poll just for the guys to say what they prefer to wear, or do we get to vote on what we like them to wear? :mrgreen:
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    Thanks. And it is definitely easier to be single (even as a mom) than in a bad relationship.
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    Don't get me wrong, marriage is a good thing, and can be awesome for a lot of people. But, realistically a guy would have to have some balls to take on me and my 4 kids, and I'd be highly suspicious that he was insane. I guess it puts me at an advantage, as the weaker ones get weeded out by...
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    Once was enough. Not something I want to do again, and it'd take a pretty amazing guy to get me to change my mind on that.
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    I was planning on heading up to ND, not for fun though, but I don't have to anymore. Right now there's a meeting going on to hash out and come to some kind of agreement on what I was going to have to go up there for. Pray it all goes well. I don't think I'll go to WI either like I was...
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    Happy Birthday Diana!

    Thanks! :D I guess it's true, the older you are, the faster the years go by! I guess I'm supposed to be an adult now or something, but somehow don't quite feel like one yet.
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    Hey, remember Sarah? vsixerbaby?

    I never knew her, but I'm happy for anyone who finds something that they really enjoy doing and goes all out in it, whatever that may be. I just joined facebook about a week ago myself Wendy, and sent a friend request to you today. Already I like it better than myspace, but I'm still...
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    Do you ever feel bad...?

    Nope. Don't feel bad at all. There are some things I don't eat but not for that reason.
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    Post a recent pic of yourself!

    Well Wendy if you ever do get around to posting your recent pics or anyone else does, looks like I'll miss 'em. I won't be around for a long awhile. Yeah, I know I'm not around all that much anyway heh, but summer is calling :D Bye!
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    Post a recent pic of yourself!

    Hmm, white T-shirt comments and pipe admiration. . . I wonder about you guys sometimes. :P Nice pic Casey :D I have some similar ones, but at least most of my head is in them: ^ rental car with a broken seat.
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    Post a recent pic of yourself!

    Well, I'm a dork and forgot my photobucket password and now it won't let me log in, but I found this one and it is fairly recent even if it is obviously taken myself :P:
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    New Weapons!

    My sister was buying some guns this past weekend. According to the people at the store new guns laws take effect in September which will make buying a semi-automatic pretty difficult for most people. Not sure if it's a state or federal law, I haven't had a chance to look into it and verify...
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    Happy very late b-day Mill. I actually looked forward to turning 30, don't ask me why. I plan on living to be 100, so it's only a third of the way to death you know. :D
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    To Do Lists?

    Oil change. It's coming due. Replace windshield. A couple of weeks ago it got about a foot and a half long crack on the driver's side. Oh yeah, needs new wipers too. Bath. Desperately needs washing.
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    Matt in Texas

    heh, know what you mean. I was in ND this morning though. VERY glad to get away from there.
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    Sharks eats shark video

    Well yeah - that's kind of what I was wondering about. I've seen fish that would normally be eaten left alone in bigger aquariums - figured maybe they just kept them fed and happy so they didn't bother. I honestly don't know a thing about sharks though, or most other fish really. But that's...