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    Bad Rear Wheel Bearing?

    The axle seal will be leaking its ass off if the bearing is bad. I've never heard of a chirping wheel bearing in a semi-floating rear end. And if the bearing is bad the axle might need to be replaced as well.
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    Transmission will shift but will not move.

    Did you happen to knock loose any electrical connections in the pan? If you created an electrical fault it could be forced into 3rd gear. However, idle the thing for about an hour in park, move the shifter from park to 1 and back one gear at a time waiting for a few seconds then check fluid...
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    Is my mechanic an Idiot? (Can I use NGK spark plugs?))

    Using non oem spark plugs, coils, wires in a car will almost always give a mechanic a doubt in their back of their mind that if you have a drive-ability complaint that normal diagnosis is not finding an obvious fault that they could be the suspect. I've seen aftermarket plugs work fine and some...
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    Removing exhaust manifold for head gaskets?

    I'm not aware of being able to get onto the head bolts with out removing the manifold. Per Ford this is what you do, "Removal Disconnect ignition wire from ignition coil (12029) and ignition wires from spark plugs (12405) . Refer to Section 03-07B. Disconnect engine control sensor wiring...
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    Chaos, help!

    They need to put the tires on a road force balancer and find the tire with excessive force variation. Not all shops have that type of balancer as they are very expensive.
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    My damn air bags deployed

    air bag module will need to be replaced with all deployed bags and all crash sensors. seat belts with deployed pre tensioners will need to be replaced.
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    2000 3.8 running lean

    Well your system is lean both banks so that actually narrows it down a little. It reduces the likely hood that it is fuel injectors or ignition because both banks are being effected. So I'd check base fuel pressure at idle and unload while driving. Also, how are you ruling out vacuum leaks...
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    Engine oil issue? 500km allready dark?

    There is several things you need to consider before you throw the baby out with the bath water. First, I don't care what car you have or whatever engine is in it, you don't get 100% of the old oil out when you do an oil change. Some are better than others but nothing is absolute. Also, if oil...
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    Water Leaking From Firewall

    Heater core failure if the puddle contains coolant. If your ac is running then its condensation.
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    Engine popping with Windstar Intake

    if there is a vacuum leak the engine will draw the fuel in and ignite it and the engine rpm will pick up while this is happening. ether is not the safest fuel to use for vacuum leaks as if you have a bad plug wire that is arcing you could have explosive results...
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    Missing in cylinder 1 - Are there any people who know how to read spark plug color?

    I'd bet even more money that you have plugged egr ports. The DPFE sensor is looking for flow and the PCM commands more and more egr to get the volume that it wants, however if a few of them are restricted, which is a common problem with these engines (more so with the 4.2), then certain...
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    Car won't start (again)

    yes a lot of terminal corrosion can cause a battery to stop charging but it also means that your battery could be gassing out or going bad if the corrosion is severe enough. Rev engine to 2k, turn headlights, radio, wiper blades, ac on max and check voltages shouldn't be any lower than 13.5...
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    Small chirping sound from a belt I think

    Take the belt off, noise still there then replace CMP sensor drive.
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    check engine code p1443

    Here's how the computer tests the evap system per Ford WSM same make and year. Evaporative Emission (EVAP) Vapor Management Flow System Monitor The EVAP Vapor Management Flow System Monitor is designed to verify that the EVAP canister purge valve (Item 1, Figure 11) is functioning properly...
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    check engine code p1443

    HW7 DTC P1443: CHECK THE VOLTAGE ON THE PURGE FLOW (PF) SENSOR CIRCUIT VOLTAGE WITH ENGINE RUNNING Continuous Memory Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P1443 indicates an incorrect evaporative system purge control valve flow. Possible causes: Obstructed, open or cracked hoses between EVAP...
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    Challenge - Engine Surge

    If your ac is not blowing cold air then you are low on refrigerant. Thats what mine does it cylces the clutch super faster and the IAC bumps RPM up for ac engagement (commanded from PCM)
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    Engine popping with Windstar Intake

    Hook a vacuum guage up and see if it reads a steady 18 to 22" if you have a stuck valve you'll know. What year of windstar intake is it?
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    05-08 4.2L questions

    Sorry the 4.2L from the F150
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    3.8 to 4.2 swap?

    There's a lot of posts of what is involved but all 4.2's were splitports so the top end conversions (wiring, cables, sensors etc) should be the same between the two as long as you use a 3.8 upper and lower intake for either the 3.8 or 4.2. The only thing extra using a 4.2 is to use the oil pan...
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    05-08 4.2L questions

    The other day I noticed that they don't have the port fed egr but a egr that is fed behind the throttle body. Also, the lower runners look a lot different that say our 99 to 04 split ports. Additionally, I was under the impression that the 4.2L in a 05-08 is upgraded or stronger than ealier...