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    1996 Mustang All or Part

    I was looking for everything for the swap except the transmission, clutch, and shifter... I'm not local.
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    1996 Mustang All or Part

    Let me know if you would like to sell all of the 5 speed parts needed for a conversion.
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    2000 Cobra R 180 MPH Cluster

    You do realize that this thread is from 2004 right?
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    Tranny swap???

    I have a 96 auto, if you do end up doing the swap, let me know. I may want to buy some/most of your 5 speed parts.
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    99-03 Windstar intake Questions?

    Jesse01V6, I'm referring to the 99-03 windstar intake.. The lower intake manifold IS different than the mustang split port lower. Because the upper and lowers are different than the standard windstar parts that are used in a typical swap, I was wondering why hasn't any one here done it OR why...
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    99-03 Windstar intake Questions?

    Haven't been able to find much info on this manifold setup. It looks similar to chevy LS instake setups. I do see that the lower instake is a different design as well. Has anyone done the swap on a mustang? Will this fit under a stock hood? If so can you retain a factory strut tower brace?
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    Valve Springs?

    Any major difference besides price in using chevy z06 valve springs vs comp cam 918 valve springs?? Specs seem extremely similar but I'm no valve train guru... Chevy: vs Comp: I believe I read that...
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    Saleen Bilstein 1994-2004 Rear Shocks (NIB)

    I have a pair of 94-04 rear Saleen Bilstein shocks, brand new in the box, 0 miles. Only opened the box to verify the condition and part number when I received them. They look identical to whats pictured in the link below and ship in original Bilstein boxes showing correct part numbers. $100 if...
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    V6 Automatic Transmission (4r70w)

    Mileage? Are they any problems and are you willing to ship? Also, is this the same as 4r70w thats in a 96-98 mustang?
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    WTT Fully Ported Split Port setup for Fully Ported Single Port Top End.

    Bump... Just in case anyone may be interested! Looking for SuperSix Ported heads.
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    Magnaflow Catback Exhaust, QA1 K member, + Complete Interior

    Are you in Denver or Newport Beach????
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    Need advice for new mods!

    Hey Sarah, what year is your car? Auto or Manual?
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    Gauging Interest: Steeda Aluminum Rear Lower Control Arms

    Which control Arms are there? I'm local.
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    Max RPM

    What compression are you running?
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    1997 mustang twin turbo project

    Can you list details if possible, auto/manual, milage, what is all needed to complete the car? What turbos are currently on the car? Other Mods? Suspension? I'm interested but I'd want to know what I'd be getting into. Thanks.
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    1997 mustang twin turbo project

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    1997 mustang twin turbo project

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    Cam and Valve Spring Question.

    The specs on the camshaft that I currently have are: 215/228 .51/.52 with a 110 lobe separation The machine shop says that the comp 915 valve springs that are currently in my heads will not work with the cam. Is this correct? If so, what springs should I look get? This will be going in a 4.3L...
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    For Sale: TMA Turbo Kit $2,500 SHIPPED

    So tempted...
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    WTT Fully Ported Split Port setup for Fully Ported Single Port Top End.