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  1. Sean

    This Economy Sucks

    ebay laid off 1600 people: Some good friends lost their jobs today. And who the hell decided it was a good idea to spend over $1.4b buying new companies on the same day they tell their employees they can't afford to...
  2. Sean

    Which car would you prefer?

    So another pick my car thread. I still really like the sti, but I want to get something a little more refined for daily driving and leave the sti for the weekends. I pretty much have it narrowed down to the is350, 335i, or g37. The 335 and IS lose points because I already have friends with...
  3. Sean

    Which Wheels?

    So I need new wheels for my car. Both my passenger rims got dented. Which ones do you like better? My car looks like this:
  4. Sean

    What URL do you use? or Cookies only work with one domain, so when people post links using the other url, you see all the logged out ads. I'm considering redirecting every page to one of the two forms so everyone is on the same url and we will no longer have this issue. One...
  5. Sean

    Took Some Pictures of the STi

    Took it to get washed this morning and figured I'd take a couple pictures. I have no clue why, but it's already dirty again. I need to get the stock wheels for it. I don't know (or want to know) why the previous owner swapped out crappy imitation rims instead of the nice stock...
  6. Sean

    *** For Sales Rules & Do Not Buy From List ***

    Posting in the For-Sale forum is restricted for newly registered users in an effort to reduce the number of fraudulent sellers and increase the connection between the For-Sale and the rest of the community. To gain permissions to post in this forum, your account must meet one of two possible...
  7. Sean

    Is this a mustang site? *text ww*

    You wouldn't know it from our top 25 search terms::rolleyes: 1 3.13% 3.8 mustang 2 1.92% 3.8mustang 3 1.06% v6 mustang 4 0.86% hot girls 5 0.86% 3.8 6 0.78% jennifer lopez hot 7 0.56% shaved vagina 8 0.52% mustang 9 0.43% 10 0.42% hot...
  8. Sean

    Catholic School?

    I went to catholic schools for about half of my education, but I was never at all religious. It doesn't really seem like anyone was actually. Did anyone else go to catholic (or other religious schools), and why? I went in elementary because my mom made me and in high school mostly as a status...
  9. Sean

    Sorry about the downtime today

    Somehow PayPal phishing emails started coming out of our server and they pulled the plug on it until I fixed the problem. Hopefully I did, otherwise they'll just pull it again.
  10. Sean

    It's official, I'm alumni.

    After a flight to idaho in the morning and a 10 hour drive back home in the afternoon, I now have an STi. I've attached a few pictures. The car is still pretty dirty after driving it back.
  11. Sean

    New Laser

    So I lost my old 25mw green laser about 6 months ago, so my brother ordered me a new 55mw one for christmas. I just got it in the mail. It kicks ass. I would go play with it outside, but it's freezing outside and I'm a wimp.
  12. Sean

    I guess I'm alumni now.

    just bought it off eBay. It's about 11 hours away, so I'll probably go make sure it's actually good and bring it home in a week or so.
  13. Sean

    Left or Right Handed?

    Any other lefties? (yes I deleted my first post because I'm a dumbass).
  14. Sean

    Anybody flying on southwest anytime soon?

    My dad wants a way to automate the online check-in process so I wrote a script to schedule check-ins. Unfortunately I have no access to the actual checkin pages to make sure it works. If anyone is flying on southwest soon with online check-in, please save every page in the process (the one...
  15. Sean

    A Bomb Exploded at Work Last Night

    It was a small bomb, but still somewhat unsettling. Crazy Halloweeners / PayPal haters.
  16. Sean

    HTML help

    I'm having issues with table rendering in ie. I'm using height: 100%'s to try and get an inner table to span the entire height of a parent cell. It works fine in firefox, but ie is not cooperating at all. In ie, the height is basically zero, it just wraps around the text. Anyone know what's...
  17. Sean

    laptop problem

    My laptop is having problems with speed throttling. I have a 1.6 pentium M, and it runs fine for a while at full speed, but when i ask it to do something intensive (like open firefox, or a 3d render or whatever), it resets the throttle to a max of 600MHz. I have speedswitchxp installed, and...
  18. Sean

    Money issues

    Ok, the site has grown (almost too much). we need a new server, it will cost $300/mo. The site does not make that much now. There are a couple of options i have to generate the extra revenue: 1) raise ad rates 2) recruit two new ads (well 3, since extreme effect got the boot) 3) put google...
  19. Sean

    Content Suggestions

    With the domain name settled, we need to talk content. There are really two issues here: 1) how do we combine and/or segregate the content related to 94-04 and 05+ 2) what content do we want to add for the 05's I'm thinking we should combine as much as possible, but i don't think its...
  20. Sean

    Domain name possibilities.

    We really need to come up with a good new domain name. We have a few ideas that we have come up with, but i'll wait until those with ideas speak up so as to not direct their thought process with what we came up with.