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  1. 97micstang

    VIN Check Please!!

    havnt posted here in a longgggg time. would really appreciate it if someone could look up a vin for me. thanks! 1N4AL21E98C172562
  2. 97micstang

    NOW IN: on our way back added

    Hey im on a road trip cross country with 3 buddies. Stopping in Houston, Texas for a night or 2. Can anyone tell me what some good clubs/bars are and if there are any nice cheap hotels that anyone recommends? Thanks now on our way back home
  3. 97micstang

    Looking for a Graduate School...

    Alright, on a mission to find a good grad school to earn a MBA in business management. I currently live in ct and am looking to get out of here asap. I'm looking for a school that is more focused on the MBA programs rather then undergrad degrees meaning since I will be on my own living...
  4. 97micstang

    Got Ripped off $1600! Need Your Help 3.8!

    Alright, I know i haven't posted on the forum in a couple months, but i know how good many of you members are at finding out people's address and contact information. So a close buddy of mine got ripped off 1600$ for eminem/jayz concert tickets. This is the information I got on him from my...
  5. 97micstang

    Music Production/Recording Schools

    So I just graduated back in December with a bachelors in business management. Now I'm looking into going back to school but for producing music/recording. I looked and was refereed to full sail university in FL. Would love to go down to florida for a while. Anyone know of any other schools on...
  6. 97micstang

    Lawmakers Call for Troops on the Streets of Chicago wow i didnt realize how bad it was over there
  7. 97micstang


    just sold the stang. the size is 75mm. found this in the garage. it was never used. looking for 70$ shipped sold for 82$ shipped
  8. 97micstang

    Goodbye Mustang.. Hello Jeep GC

    So i am not longer a mustang owner as of this morning :( the car is a 2003 GT and has 58k on it. i sold it for 10$k.. pretty happy with the amount of money I got back from it. payed $11k for it 2 years ago with most of the same mods done to it Heres what i had up on craigslist...
  9. 97micstang

    Murder, Suicide in My Town - Kids From My High School Class a pretty sad story. wasnt close with any of them just was in dave and mikes class. mike was a good kid and never deserved any of this. Dave was always a nut.
  10. 97micstang

    Who Plays Wii? What Games To Get...

    Just got the wii last night.. what games should i get? Saw a commercial for red steel 2.. looks pretty amusing it came with COD.. got to get used to the controllers
  11. 97micstang

    Window Tinting Class?

    Thinking of getting a side job to make some extra money.. thought why not tint car windows? Cant find any classes in the CT area. would tutorial dvds teach me well enough on what to do? Obviously i would tint my car, parents and sisters car for practice before doing any real "customer" cars...
  12. 97micstang

    Out of State Traffic Ticket Question

    so i got a speeding ticket yesterday in MA traveling back home from VT. I was going 55 in a 45 and the ticket costed me 100$. In the 7 years ive had my license I have nothing on my record. I dont want to start now since my insurance is so cheap. I have fought every ticket and had gotten them...
  13. 97micstang

    How Long is Your Commute to Work/School?

    poll will be up in a sec.. been commuting everyday 20 min each way. currently trying to look for a place closer since my lease if up in june anyway. i thought id see how many other people were in my position or worse edit: ill add school in there since there are probably as many students to...
  14. 97micstang

    28 Days/Weeks Later Spoof

    came across this and thought this was awsome. i hope this isnt a repost <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
  15. 97micstang

    xbox 360 accessories, controller and games

    black or white controller(both have been used for no longer then a couple months) 25$ shipped left 4 dead gta 4 games 15$ shipped each also have a set of AV cables and a power supply (never been used) best offer on these
  16. 97micstang

    Dang Tree Sap!!

    got tree sap thats been on my jeep from the precious owner is starting to get to me. a lot of tree sap.. i bought the car last week so hopefully it hasnt been on there that loong. whats the best stuff to take this off w/o taking the clear coat or paint off:lol:
  17. 97micstang

    JVC cd reciever mp3 player - 10$

    model - KD-AR300 the units in great shape overall. 60$ shipped takes it. firm...
  18. 97micstang

    Have You Ever Bought Tires Online?

    picking up my jeep tomorow :D and i already know im going to need some new tires for it before winter is over and i came across some pretty good deals on (could be good deals since the wheels from my mustang to a jeep are opposite). ive always been used to going to town fair tire...
  19. 97micstang

    has anyone paid off someone elses bank loan in order to get the title for a car?

    in the middle of getting some money together to buy myself a jeep but kind of stuck/confused on what to do. heres my position: im buying a jeep that the current owner owes the bank 8150 on it still. im paying him 8300 and going with him to the bank tommorow morning to transfer the loan or title...
  20. 97micstang

    Autocheck recieved. thanks

    vin # IJ4GW48S24C159322 thats the right number alright, would rather throw someone 2$ on here then on ebay. so will paypal 2$ to first person to send me full report.