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    I remember actual threads too
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    Carfax, Anyone?

    If anyone has an active CarFax I'd greatly appreciate it. Please get me a PM. If this gets 100000 likes on Facebook Derick will dress up as Gonzo and fondle Nathan.
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    Site loads badly for me now...

    Why does the site look like complete **** to me now? It looks like some archived cell phone ****. am not good with computer help fix k
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    Funny Website

    **** you
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    Cheeseburger Josh

    I'm sure this is going to blow the **** up within the next few days, so I'll grace you all with the ability to view it now.
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    Valuing Animal Life over Human Life

    Let us discuss. I'll start by saying human life > animal life. There are stipulations on this. -Someone will most certainly say "What if it's a pedophile!? They should die!". To that, I will simply say, get ****ed, you ****ing retard. The animal could surely be a pitbull with a habit of...
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    BT Test

    BT. Just seeing if merely saying that gets an auto-lock and about a dozen infractions.
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    The Marky Mark Workout

    :lol::lol::lol::lol: POW
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    Sweet movie. *I can't even explain* *WW probably*

    I think Munky will get a laugh out of this. I have a feeling this is something he'd post if I didn't. Lulz start early on.
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    Prank Texting

    So I'm out to dinner with some friends, then we were going to see District 9. Some one decides to text me, and...well...Here's the rest. bitch finna get dem five-o on my ass. I'm at dinner and my friends are getting some good laughs out of this ****. I figure if it's a real african american...
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    Got a new car

    What's up guys. Just thought I'd share pics of my new car with you. Not like I give a **** what you think, since you all drive Rustangs anyway. I just wanted to show you what a real car looks like. Yeah, I take this ****er out and rape GT's all day. Shut the **** up if you think you have...
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    "Off the Island" day.

    I propose that once a year, the mods and admins allow the member base to vote on one of two people (Selected by vote as well), to be permabanned. It would work like the award voting, but instead of a prize, they get asked what the shape of Italy is. It would look like this. Members vote...
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    Guy dumped by GF while on vacation. qg-heCy0CbQ -Guy tells GF he's going to Europe to backpack for 2 weeks. -She Forgets -He Leaves -Hilarious Emails happen. Edit: 6:15 lololololol
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    Gainesville Raceway 8/1/09

    I'm going to test and tune. A friend of mine wants to run his 4.0. Anyone who is going to be there or is debating on going, you can buy me a powerade and we can talk about how amazing I am. But seriously - If anyone wants to head up there and ****, it's good.
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    Hell yeah, Who else is going! GOTJ09!

    **** YEAH SON Look how cool this **** is I hope you guys are going. I'll see you there Jester. 9:21 MAGICIANS AND HYPNOTISTS WALKIN ROUND THAT BITCH
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    Are you gay (Derick accidentally comes out)

    Honest question. Reason I'm asking is because Derick got me to thinking (when he was speaking of Requiem). We have roughly 30-40 "regulars" here in Off Topic, with the rest being occasional posters. Out of those 30-40, We know of at least 3 that are gay. I'm just curious to see. Obviously...
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    This was already posted in the American Muscle forums, and someone linked a video today off it. Basically you create your own movies with a set script. Kinda stupid, but we can prolly get a few lulz outta it. "Moosestang"
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    Guy gets electrocuted on top of train. *GORE WARNING*

    **** YEAH GORE WARNING. Some durpa durpa gets shocked into oblivion on some train. Dunno what the **** he thought was gonna happen. It's not really THAT bad, he just fries instantly and his body thuds on the top of the train. BRRRRZT BRRZZZT THUD...
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    Thought I'd let you guys see this...

    Before it gets circulated around the internet (or killed with fire) Look through his other videos. (Yes, I know I'm a bad person, but you'll take it back when you start laughing) "For those who say I have a ***** on my ****ing stomach? HOW BOUT YOU?!" :lol:
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    UFC 98

    (Rashad closing his eyes after about 4 right hooks in 8 seconds to teleport to outworld for a few minutes) Anyone else find tonight's UFC about as lulsy as they come? Machida is going to Silva this whole division for a while. Shogun or Rampage are the only two that can stop him. Hughes beat...