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  1. Captain Max Silver

    New ECU I Think It's Time...

    Can Buy New ECU Pre Programed! With My Vin Code And HGH3 Code, need to program keys. I Think (HOPE) Have Determined ECU giving P0340 Code Is Bad, Confused Signal At Cam Sensor, Voltage Not Right Have Cleared Code And Just Keeps Coming Back, Ground Signal Good. Volt Meter To Slow To See Trigger...
  2. Captain Max Silver

    New Engine 4.2l Upgrade 2000 Mustang Coupe

    Well How Do I Start? Been Down For About A Year Workin On My Baby! New 4.2l V6 Ported Polished Heads, P/P Upper And Lower Intake With Phenolic Spacer 24Lbs. 12 Pintel Injectors, 50/50 CompCams Bumpy Stick, Scorpion Roller Rockers, Manley Push Rods .120",CompCams Lifters, Compcam Beehive Valve...
  3. Captain Max Silver

    Custom Fuel Rails Wanted

    Anyone Know Where I Can Get A Set Of Fuel Rails Modified With AN Connectors? Please Let Me Know Who Has For Sale!!! Stock Eng. V6 3.8 Upgraded To New 4.2 In 2000 Mustang. Have Comp Cams 50/50 Cam Installed, 24# 12 Pintel Injectors, P/P Heads Comp Cams Valve Springs. P/P Upper And Lower...
  4. Captain Max Silver

    True Roller Set For 3.8l-4.2l V6

    LQQKING For True Roller Timing Set For 2000 V6 3.8L - 4.2L. Anyone Found A Set That Doesn't Cost A Fortune? Please Contact. If You Know One That Will Swap From Ford V8 To V6 Please Contact. Thanks
  5. Captain Max Silver

    Front Sway Bar 2000 Mustang

    Does Anyone Have Any Idea Of What Years Front Sway Bars Fit 2000 Mustang? LQQKING For A Little More Planted Feel. Have 25mm LQQKING For Maybe 30MM. Any Thoughts?
  6. Captain Max Silver

    Don't Cheap Out On These.

    When 1st Putting Car Together Wanted Wider Stance So Bought Wheel Spacers. Well Don't Buy The Cheapens!! LQQK At This!!! Bought New Forged Spacers To Replace. The Life You Save May Be Yours!!! Can See Difference In Thickness Of Spacer Itself, A Lot More Meat On The Bone If You Will. Thanks For...
  7. Captain Max Silver

    What's The Scoop???

    Just Got Scoop Mounted Think This Will Work.
  8. Captain Max Silver

    Ello Thar!! Capt. Max Silver Ere

    Pleasure To Be Makin Yer Acquaintances. An Ol Pirate With A Land Conveyance, Escorpion Rojo ( Red Scorpion) Me 2000 Mustang, Not Quite Base. En Soon To Be Even Less Base Thar!!!