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    clunking/popping sound

    i've been hearing a noticeable, single clunk/pop sound in certain situations. it usually happens when i am easing into reverse, going from reverse to 1st, 1st to 2nd, or downshifting to 2nd and 1st. i started noticing it around the time i put my ProCharger piping in. initially, that's what i...
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    which readiness monitors?

    i just got back from inspection and i failed because the OBD system status is "unsupported". engine misfire, catalytic converters, heated catalytic converters, evaporative system, secondary air injection, a/c refrigerant, oxygen sensors, oxygen sensors - heated, and EGR systems....all say...
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    ProCharger 3.6" pulley belt size

    what size belt should i be using for a ProCharger P1SC with 3.6" pulley? i believe the one that came used 3.9" pulley kit is 103.25".
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    ProM MAF question

    i'm getting ready to ProCharge my car and i had a question about my mass air flow sensor. i bought a used kit a little while back with a Pro M 75mm blow through (links to pictures below). maybe this is just my ignorance but it being a sensor, shouldn't the actual sensor be going into the...
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    WTB: GT, manual, < $8,000

    my friend is looking for a GT (or any V8). willing to look at all offers but here are her preferences... - under $8,000 - under 100,000 miles - manual transmission is a must - prefers coupe, convertible if the deal is perfect - within ~150 miles of 07801 again, we're willing to look at all...
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    SOLVED (tail light issue)

    i have Meter4it's chase tail light kit installed on my car. i just got my car back from the body shop. now, no matter what pattern i use, the outer tail light only comes on sometimes. so they'll blink maybe 3-5 times, just the inner and middle lights, and then once or twice the outer line...
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    SOLVED (wideband o2 sensor placement)

    i got my LC-1 wideband today and the instructions seem fairly straightforward but i had a question about where to put the o2 sensor. i have a catted h-pipe that has 2 free rear o2 bungs but i think they're after the cats. i shouldn't install it there, it'd give me inaccurate readings, right...
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    SOLVED (spark plugs for ProCharger)

    which spark plugs would be best for my ProCharger when i get it installed?
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    SOLVED (wiring for Glowshift gauges)

    i bought a pair of Glowshift gauges for my '04, one for vacuum/boost and one for air/fuel ratio. i am completely lost with how to wire them. was hoping someone could walk me through it. the instructions recommend using add-a-circuits, i'm just lost on where i should be connecting these wires...
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    yet another ticking issue

    the past few weeks, i've been noticing a ticking sound. i know it's not a cracked header because i just put on new ceramic long tubes, along with a new h-pipe. so i don't think it's exhaust related but i will check everything just to make sure. i've been driving around to find out when it...
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    SOLVED (broken valve cover bolt)

    i had taken my valve covers off to paint them. while bolting them back on, i broke one of the bolts. it broke off flush to the head. anybody have an idea on how to get that out?
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    rattling coming from T5 (?)

    i'm getting some kind of rattling-type sound from my transmission i believe, or flywheel/clutch. it seems to happen most when i put the car under moderate to heavy load, especially in 5th gear. sometimes i'll hear it if i get off to a rough start going into 1st or 2nd. i'm not 100% sure...
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    NO LONGER LOOKING (WTB: 310lph SVT Focus fuel pump)

    i'm looking for a Focus fuel pump for my upcoming ProCharger install. anybody looking to get rid of one?
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    SOLVED (removing black window border?)

    is there a way to remove that black border around the inside of the quarter windows? i'm gonna get a rear window louver and planned on getting tints all around. seeing how it's illegal to get the windshield, driver, and passenger side windows tinted at all (at least in NJ), i figured i just...
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    final pieces to ProCharger puzzle

    i got my used ProCharger kit in a few days ago and i just wanted to make sure i knew for sure, the last few parts i'm gonna need for the install. the kit came with everything except the fuel pump and injectors. so... fuel injectors: the injectors are pretty expensive but i was referred to...
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    SOLVED (reinstalling upper intake and valve covers - issues)

    i took off my upper intake and valve covers to paint them. i had to disconnect the brake booster line as well. after putting everything back on, i noticed a few things... 1) brakes were not firm at all. i'm assuming they just have to be bled? i did it the 2 man method but it didn't...
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    squeak from rear hitting bumps

    lately i've been hearing a quick squeak when the rear of my car hits a bump. i was just looking for some ideas as to what i should take a look at. does something just need to be greased, etc...
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    NO LONGER LOOKING (WTB: Procharger P1SC for '04 V6)

    i'd like to get a lightly used P1SC kit for my '04. the new ones are so expensive, i was hoping to find a used kit in $2,500-$3,000 range. depending on asking price, money is available immediately.
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    FS: 2002 manual Mustang computer - $40 shipped

    i got it in my transmission swap kit but had my automatic computer tuned to work with the manual so i have no use for this. kit is from Midwest Mustang. the car the parts came from had 42,000 miles on it. here's my ebay...
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    FS: DiabloSport Predator (U7146) - SOLD

    EDIT: SOLD i'm selling my DiabloSport Predator, model U7146. i've used it maybe a handful of times at most. good condition, works perfectly fine. the only issue is the black protective sleeve for the wiring has separated from the unit a little bit, maybe 1/8". the wires themselves are...