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  1. idioteque

    Justin Beiber is 20

    As of a week ago. Time flies. It seems like he was just 14 not too long ago.
  2. idioteque

    Stand your ground

    Has anyone else heard about this? The jury failed to reach a verdict on the first day of deliberations, and I'm starting to think he is going to walk.
  3. idioteque

    You're killing me, Smalls

  4. idioteque

    Texax man acquited after shooting escort

    :facepalm: Texas.
  5. idioteque

    Bane or Lincoln

    Can you name the character that said each quote? Bane (B) or Lincoln (L)? | Brain Games by Sporcle I found this game earlier. There are 20 movie quotes and you need to decide if they are quotes from Bane in the Dark Knight Rises or president Lincoln in Lincoln. It is harder than it sounds...
  6. idioteque

    Hipsters driving up the clost of cheap beer

  7. idioteque

    Study: 81% of "male enhacement" pills contain viagra or cialis

    Turns out 7-11 viagra often contains actual viagra.
  8. idioteque

    Suspicious package found in Arizona

    Probably just coins or a mushroom inside. :uhh:
  9. idioteque

    Man caught with 100 bags of heroin in...

    his ass. Haven't found any pictures of the bags.
  10. idioteque

    Dead body found in hotel water tank.

  11. idioteque

    Meteor strikes in Russia

    Wow. There are a few videos floating around. It doesn't even seem real. 7c-0iwBEswE
  12. idioteque

    Petraeus resigns over affair

  13. idioteque

    NYPD officer arrested over cannibalism plot

    Your move trik.
  14. idioteque

    Surprise finding: No cost birth control dramatically reduces abortion

    I never would have guessed.
  15. idioteque

    California bans gay conversion therapy for minors

    The fallout from this should be interesting.
  16. idioteque

    California legalizes self-driving cars

    Cool, but slightly worrying.
  17. idioteque

    Man bites snake to death
  18. idioteque

    Official Fracking linked to earthquakes

    Fracking quakes. If anyone doesn't know, fracking is a process used to collect natural gas. One if the byproducts is waste water that gets disposed of deep underground. It turns out that this disposal process causes dozens of small earthquakes in places where they have never happened before...
  19. idioteque

    7 dead at sikh temple shooting

    There was another shooting today in Wisconsin. There aren't many details so far but it isn't too hard to guess at a motive with the information that has leaked.
  20. idioteque

    Mozilla introduces Firefox mobile OS

    This project seems interesting. They look a little late with IOS and Android so dominant, but I don't think Mozilla would spend time in this project if they didn't think it could be successful. Maybe some of the programmer types around here could explain the built on HTML5 thing a little more.