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  1. 02edge

    setting 2000 v6 back to stock somewhat

    Long Island Up for grabs: Windstar kit-250 vmp 5000 w harness-200 (6) cobra bluetop injectors-100 svt focus pump-80 unlocked sct x3 3015-275 autometer boost gauge and aem analog wideband in a dual gauge pillar pod- 180 also im sure ill be selling other little odds and ends ask if youre...
  2. 02edge

    vortech and other parts feeler

    considering returning my car to somewhat stock and selling it that way because I'll end up with more and it will sell easier so looking fr a feeler on my vortech v1 kit originally from jpl4k3 includes v1 head unit oil feed and drain all inter cooler piping Crx intercooler hpx slot maf in vmp...
  3. 02edge

    looking for a hood

    well my latch somehow popped up on my cobra hood and split the upper and lower part and cracked it by the firewall not too happy for a 500 dollar hood one year later so I went to put back on my stock hood and all the studs broke somehow in the market for a silver hood or even black in the ny nj...
  4. 02edge

    99-00 asp 25% udp

    Bought it when I had my m112 ran for a summer now switching back to stock crank pulley I'm on vacation til 14th but can post pics when I'm home and ship if necessary looking for 150 shipped obo
  5. 02edge

    Vortech throwing belts

    First start up today no coolant in the valve cover but right after i start it the belt comes off the front of the alternator half way am I missing spacers. Between the vortech and mounting bracket or bracket and engine what am I doing wrong
  6. 02edge

    Vortech windstar vac lines

    hopefully somebody can chime in I plumbed my windstar as follows: off the barb on the front drivers side teed to my blow off valve, vac gauge, and fpr the two barbs on the back drivers side one goes just to the brake booster and the other goes to the 1/4" line that t's and goes into the firewall...
  7. 02edge

    v band clamps

    finishing up my vortech build and lost some clamps somehow and seeing how expensive they are new im seeing if anybody has some laying around theyd sell cheaper
  8. 02edge

    vortech drain line

    I finally got some time today to work on the car a bit extended all the wires I needed to and started working on the drain I punched out the hole and started making the hole bigger but it says to make it 9/16 and than tap with a 3/8 tap. I didnt finish making the hole but looking at my tap and...
  9. 02edge

    vortech fitment problems

    so after installing the mounting brackets and head unit the intake pipe to the back of the blower wont slip on because it hits the valve cover any idea what the problem could be?also what is supposed to go in this hole I dont see anything obvious
  10. 02edge

    wtb throttle cable bracket

    im looking for the bracket that the throttle cable and cruise control go through
  11. 02edge

    meth nozzle location

    bought a t to run dual nozzles but where exactly should I mount them and what size
  12. 02edge

    windows are broken

    So my windows decided to start working right when the Hot and its not the fuse so anyone have any good.ideas to manually get them down
  13. 02edge

    m112 coil bracket

    I never received one when I bought my kit and I fabbed one up but am not happy also nathan has not answered a single email in months so anyone know where I can find one thanks
  14. 02edge

    ls6 valve springs and gt retainers

    looking for ls6 valve springs and gt retainers for a cam swap and anything else needed
  15. 02edge

    m112 kit and extras

    Just gonna Try and get a feeler considering setting my car back to stock and selling it for a newer gt kit was ran by rico and lilroush and has since been painted black silencer ports filled and teflon stripped for running meth pre blower have all necessary hardware lightning maf jlt rai adapter...
  16. 02edge

    meth on m112

    so I ended up buying a snow stage 2 kit with everything for 250 but I keep reading such mixed reviews where should I be spraying in the plenum in the intake tube before tb or in the adapter plate and should I pull the blower and strip the teflon
  17. 02edge

    tr7 plugs

    anybody run tr7 plugs with f/i I just read ricos build for the first time and saw he swapped to them and am curious if it would be a smart move for me
  18. 02edge

    silver v6 hood off 2000

    long island ny 150 in great condition
  19. 02edge

    need m112 help

    my car is a 2000 so im just finishing up my m112 but im stumped with the iat do I splice a new pigtail and replace it or I run the sensor on the front of the adapter and on the intake tube?also what intake should i run because the one I bought with the kit doesnt fit